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Student Contributions to K-College Sustainability

Current Jobs -- We're hiring!

Follow this link to details about which positions the Recycling Department is hiring and the application for those positions. Pardon the job-application-goose-chase, we're currently updating our website.

Internships/Outreach Opportunities

2009 Summer Climate Research Fellowships

Seasonal greening means sustainability greening at Kalamazoo College. This summer seven students (or recent graduates) are involved in research and development work that could directly or indirectly lead to reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the College. The work of four of the seven is funded by the Climate Commitment Planning Committee’s Climate Research Fellowships. “The fellowships provide an on-campus opportunity for students interested in sustainability research,” says committee chair Paul Manstrom.


"How to Change the World" Course Tackles Commuter Emissions

Dr. Kim Cummings' 2009 "How to Change the World" course focused on reducing emissions due to travel by educating students about the Kalamazoo bus system and encouraging ride-sharing programs.  The previous year, Dr. Cummings' students led a campaign to reduce student energy use, re-investing the savings in green energy.  

2007 Power Shift Conference

In the fall of 2007, 17 students from Kalamazoo College drove to Washington D.C. to participate in Power Shift, the largest ever assembly of students focused on Global Warming.  Samantha Weaver and Stephanie Willette were the campus organizers.  Students attended workshops, concerts, and speeches about the student’s role in climate change.  The experience reinvigorated our sense of efficacy and gave us new ideas and inspiration for creating change on and off campus.  K students have since then been involved in a number of sustainability-focused conferences to network with other students and learn more.