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Recent (and not so recent) updates from the sustainability associated members of Kalamazoo College including: the Environmental Studies Department, Facilities Management, the Recycling Department, Divest Kalamazoo, and many more!

Volleyball Team Rallies for Sustainability

October 15, 2010 at 3:35 pm
By Katie Weeks K'11

This year, the volleyball team opened their 2010 season wearing their traditional orange and black, but adding a flavor of green to the mix.  This year, the annual Labor Day tournament was revamped in order to promote the team’s new commitment to sustainability. The two-day tournament featured numerous strategies that encourage sustainable habits, such as waste reduction, local food, social justice, and responsible consumption. 

Green TournamentA large poster-board with each team’s information and statistics was displayed in the lobby as an alternative to printing hundreds of programs.  Local concessions were sold by Taste of Heaven, a local organization that seeks to help unemployed community members back on their feet.  The Strutt also provided coupons to their establishment to encourage attendees to walk to their food destination across the street.  In order to discourage bottled water usage, each player was given an aluminum water bottle and large jugs of water were placed around the gym.  Lastly, the tournament trophies were all recycled art created by K’10 alum, Sadie Sheldon.  Teams from Franklin and Anderson College also showed their commitment by “bus-pooling” between their respective colleges and the tournament.

This season, the volleyball team is greening their program through multiple changes, including each player bringing reusable utensils on the road, intentional scheduling of matches to cut down on travel, and the “Hornet Tap Water Initiave” where the team has committed to drinking only tap water, opting against bottled water, at any team function.