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K Sustainability News

Recent (and not so recent) updates from the sustainability associated members of Kalamazoo College including: the Environmental Studies Department, Facilities Management, the Recycling Department, Divest Kalamazoo, and many more!

Summer Climate Campus Fellows Begin Projects

June 21, 2012 at 11:59 am
By Caleb Kline

The Summer Climate Campus Fellowship is awarded annually and provides an opportunity for several students to work on independent projects to reduce the college's green house gas emissions (GHG). This year the three students to receive the fellowship are Monica Cooper, Caleb Kline, and Dimeko Price.

Cooper, K'14, hopes to improve the college's composting program by building a composting bin in the grove. The bin will be used by the Living Learning Houses. Cooper is also working on improving the composting capacity of the Lilian Anderson Arboretum. She will help set up a windrow composting system and create a manual to ensure successful implementation of this project in the future. 

Kline, K'13, is working to conserve the amount of gas and electricity that campus buildings use by implementing smarter controls. Kline will evaluate new locations to install occupancy sensors to control lights and focus especially on the residence halls. He will also follow up on research that a previous student did for a SIP that studied ways to improve heating efficiency in Trowbridge dormitory.

Price, K'13, will study the fuel use of college's fleet of cars, vans, and trucks.

 All of the projects will continue through the summer and will end with a research paper that describes their findings and recommendations.