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K Sustainability News

Recent (and not so recent) updates from the sustainability associated members of Kalamazoo College including: the Environmental Studies Department, Facilities Management, the Recycling Department, Divest Kalamazoo, and many more!

Vending Machines Now Motion Activated

July 19, 2012 at 11:22 am
By Caleb Kline

VendingMisers were added in July to all beverage vending machines on campus. These devices use motion sensing technology to conserve electricity by powering down the machines when no one is around. By turning off the machine's lights and running the refrigeration compressor less frequently each VendingMiser saves about 1750 kilowatt hours per year. The return on investment for this project is less than a year.

These devices further the college's sustainability goals while still maximizing customer satisfaction. The machine is automatically turned on about once an hour in order to keep the product cold.  In addition, by installing a VendingMiser on each of the eleven beverage vending machines on campus, the college will reduce its carbon footprint by an estimated 5000 lbs of carbon dioxide.

Consumers Energy, the college's electricity provider, offers a $50 rebate for each beverage vending machine control device. Thanks to the rebate, this project was both environmentally and fiscally responsible. Be sure to look for this new energy conserving technology on campus.