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Recent (and not so recent) updates from the sustainability associated members of Kalamazoo College including: the Environmental Studies Department, Facilities Management, the Recycling Department, Divest Kalamazoo, and many more!

Kalamazoo College Seniors to Present at 4th Annual Sustainability Symposium

April 26, 2013 at 10:55 am
By k09tr01

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—The Guilds of Kalamazoo College and the Environmental Studies Program will host the 4th Annual Sustainability SIP Symposium on Monday, April 29, from 6-9 PM in Dewing Hall on the “K” campus, 1200 Academy St. Free and open to the public, the event will begin at 6 PM with student presentations of sustainability-related Senior Individualized Projects, ranging in topic from English to Economics. Audience members will have time for questions following each presentation, and an opportunity to meet student researchers at the interactive poster session and reception beginning at 8 PM in the Dewing Hall Commons. Refreshments will be provided by the People’s Food Co-Op.

Student Presentations:

  • Mysha Clarke: Energy Recovery in Landfills: A Jamaican Case Study
  • Monika Egerer: Ecosystem Services on the Mariana Islands: implications of bird loss for a wild chili pepper species
  • Rebecca Rogstad: Zane, the Curious Little Zooxanthellate
  • Shoshana Schultz: Inverting the Atlas: Mapping Geographically Based Food Security in Kalamazoo

The Annual Symposium recognizes the research and time many “K” seniors have devoted to the field of sustainability in the creation of their SIPs, and showcases to the community the breadth and depth of sustainability-related work going on at Kalamazoo College. It serves as an annual celebratory gathering for seniors to share and discuss their work, while making meaningful connections with those who share their passions.  Students, faculty, staff, local alumni, parents, and members of the Kalamazoo community are invited to attend.

This year’s Symposium is the first since the reorganization and expansion of the Guilds of Kalamazoo College to include seven career path clusters. As of January 2013, the seven Guilds of Kalamazoo College include:

                Arts & Media
                Nonprofit & Public Service
                Science & Technology

Kalamazoo College enjoys a strong campus-wide commitment to sustainability.  The College maintains that issues of sustainability should infuse the conversations and collaborations in all seven of these Guilds, and the annual Sustainability SIP Symposium showcases how this value cuts across disciplines and departments and informs the work of all professionals. 

For more information, including the list of all presenters, please contact Rachel Wood at 269-337-7183, or visit:

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