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Recent (and not so recent) updates from the sustainability associated members of Kalamazoo College including: the Environmental Studies Department, Facilities Management, the Recycling Department, Divest Kalamazoo, and many more!

Frankenstein: A Pedal Powered Sifter

August 9, 2013 at 11:25 am
By k09tr01

Frustrated with the tedious task of sifting, the “K” compost crew began kicking around the idea of constructing a bicycle powered compost sifter. Samantha Jolly, a student in charge of  continuing compost efforts over the summer accepted this task. The end result: a pedal powered sifter made from 80% recycled material. Jolly calls her creation Frankenstein. When asked why she said “Because it’s made out of old rejected materials and has bolts sticking out of it.” Recycled materials used in this project include old college bunk beds, bolts, bicycle rims, bicycle chain, and mesh- many of which were supplied by the college's Resource and Exchange Program (The REP Room).  This sifter will help the 2013-14 compost crew create a fine fertilizer that will be used in the landscaping for the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership.

To see the sifter in action Click Here

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