Hebrew Program


HEBR 101 Beginning Hebrew

First in a three course sequence of study.

This course is an introduction to the Modern Israeli Hebrew language. Hebrew alphabet in both print and script, pronunciation of unique sounds within the language, vocabulary and fundamental grammar structures will be introduced. Beginning reading, writing and speaking skills emphasized.

Prerequisite: Placement exam if student has had prior experience with Hebrew.

HEBR 102 Beginning Hebrew II

Second in a three course sequence, this course follows Beginning Hebrew I, focusing on the continued development of basic comprehension and communication skills. By the end of this course students should able to respond to simple questions, to understand simple statements and to participate in simple conversations. Students will also be able to write short paragraphs about themselves and some limited topics.

Prerequisite: HEBR-101 or language placement exam.

HEBR 103 Beginning Hebrew III (formerly HEBR 201 Intermediate Hebrew)

Third in a three course sequence, this course follows HEBR 102, building on the basics already learned as well as improving vocabulary, language nuance and verb conjugation skills. By the end of this course students will have reached the intermediate level and should be able to participate in more complex conversations, be able to read short stories and express themselves more clearly.

Prerequisite: HEBR-102 or language placement exam.

The completion of Hebrew through HEBR103 will fulfill the requirement for the study of a year of modern or classical language. Students with prior experience in Hebrew are encouraged to take the Hebrew placement exam.

These courses also count towards the Jewish Studies Concentration. Please check the Jewish Studies site for additional courses offered in that concentration.

Students taking Hebrew are encouraged (but not required) to consider Study Abroad. In Israel at Ben-Gurion University in Be’er Sheva, The Israel program provides opportunities to continue Hebrew and to study Middle Eastern affairs as well as aspects of Jewish culture that complement the course offerings at the College. Please visit the program description on the Center for International Programs' Hornet Passport site to learn more about the program.


Shannon M. Dion
Director of Hebrew Language Program
מנהלת התכנית בשפה עברית
Kalamazoo College
1200 Academy St, Kalamazoo, MI 49006
(269) 337-7217