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Dr. Lewis
James Lewis
Phone: 269-337-5791

Ph.D., History, University of Virginia
M.A., History, The American University
B.A., Government, College of William and Mary

 Dr. Lewis is the Chair of the History Department.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Bangura 2012
Joseph Bangura
Phone: 269-337-5785

Dr. Bangura is also the director of African Studies.

M.A., Ph.D., Dalhousie University
B.A. (Hons) in History, University of Sierra Leone

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Barclay
David Barclay
Phone: 269-337-7056

Ph.D., Stanford University, History
M.A., University of Florida, History
B.A., University of Florida, History

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Lisa Brock 2012
Lisa Brock
Phone: 269-552-5165

Associate Professor of History

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Frost
Dennis Frost
Phone: 269-337-7442

Ph.D., Columbia University
B.A., Wittenburg University

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Jeff Haus
Jeffrey Haus
Phone: 269-337-5789

Jeffrey Haus received his Ph.D. in Modern Jewish History from Brandeis University in 1997.  His teaching focuses on the history of the Jewish people in Europe and America.  He is the author of Challenges of Equality: Judaism, State, and Education in Ninteenth-Century France (Wayne State University Press, 2009), as well as several articles exploring the history of French Jewry.  He also served as guest-editor for issue of the CCAR Journal commemorating the bicentennial of the Paris San Hedrin (Winter 2007).  His current research examines the relationship between Jews and money in modern France.

Dr. Haus is the director of Jewish Studies.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Boyer Lewis
Charlene Boyer Lewis
Phone: 269-337-7058

Ph.D., with distinction, University of Virginia
M.A., The American University
B.A., Kalamazoo College

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Werner
Janelle Werner
Phone: 269-337-7123

Marlene Crandell Francis Assistant Professor in the Humanities

M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
A.B., Bryn Mawr College

Janelle Werner teaches the history of medieval and early modern Europe, including topical courses on women’s history, gender and sexuality, the Reformation, and cross-cultural encounters in the wider medieval world. Her current research project, ‘Just As the Priests Have Their Wives’: Priests and Concubines in England, 1375-1559, examines both cultural perceptions of clerical concubinage and the lived experiences of priests, concubines, and their children in late medieval England. Her article “Promiscuous Priests and Vicarage Children: Clerical Sexuality and Masculinity in Late Medieval England” was recently published in Negotiating Clerical Identities: Priests, Monks and Masculinity in the Middle Ages, ed. Jennifer Thibodeaux (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010).

Curriculum Vitae

List of Courses Taught:

101: Introduction to Europe I: Medieval and Early Modern Europe
231: Europe Meets the World: Cross-Cultural Encounters Before 1450
232: Life in Medieval Europe: Manor, Monastery, Town
233: Society and Culture in Renaissance and Reformation Europe
235: Christians and Muslims in the Medieval World: Religion, Conflict, and Cross-Cultural Exchange (Shared Passages Seminar)
236: The End of Christendom: Piety, Ritual, and Religious Upheaval in the Sixteenth Century (Shared Passages Seminar)
237: Women in European Society, 1200-1700
238: Gender and Sexuality in Pre-Modern Europe
240: Britain: The Four Kingdoms
299: Sophomore Seminar: Research and Writing
393: Junior Research Seminar: The Crusades

Dr. Wickstrom
John Wickstrom

Ph.D. Yale University
M.A. Yale University
B.A. Michigan State University (magna cum laude)

Curriculum Vitae 

Christina B. Carroll
Phone: 269-337-7056

Christina Carroll

Christina Carroll
Phone: 269-337-7056

MA, PhD - University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
BA - Vassar College

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Kyle C. Lincoln
Phone: 269-337-7123

Kyle Lincoln
Kyle C. Lincoln
Phone: 269-337-7123

Ph.D. Saint Louis University (Medieval History)
M.A. (Research) Saint Louis University (Medieval History)
Interdisciplinary Post-Graduate Certificate in Medieval Studies
B.A. Kalamazoo College (Classics)

Curriculum Vitae

Austin C. Parks
Phone: 269-337-7442

Austin Parks
Austin Parks
Phone: 269-337-7442

PhD – Northwestern University
MA – University of Oregon
BA – Montana State University

Curriculum Vitae