Please select the form needed by selecting the appropriate link or you may update your information (such as home address, telephone number, and emergency contacts) by visiting your profile page.

Employee Information
Used to update your contact information.

Emergency Contact - For employees only, students should use WebAdvisor to update emergency contact. This is who the College would reach out to if you had an emergency situation while on campus.

Hiring or Change Form - To be used when a new person will be joining employment at K, or when there is a change to a current employee's position.

IPEDS Self-Identification

Office Information - The directory uses this information to identify individual work locations and College extensions.

Payroll Direct Deposit Form
This information is for payroll and flex/HRA direct deposit.

Performance Review Form (detailed)

Performance Review Form (simplified)

Personnel Requisition - To be used to post an open position, along with an updated job description.

Tax Witholding Forms

Vacation Carry-Over Reporting

Volunteer Release - Non-Student

Volunteer Release - Student