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Resources for Students

Undergraduate Preparation

Freshman Handouts

  • Health Sciences at Kalamazoo College: Description of the Health Sciences curriculum and advice for new students.
  • Curriculum Guide: Grid containing the Health Sciences core curriculum and recommended cognates for various health professions
  • Medical Professions Admissions Guide: Strategy for Success—published by the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions. Contributors include Dr. Sally Olexia, former K-College Health Sciences Director. Order from NAAHP.
  • Inter-Institutional Enrollment—if you need to take a course K College does not offer
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Preferred Partnerships

Summer Opportunities

Other Advising Resources

Electronic Journals

  • Free Medical Journals (on-line)
  • The Next Generation: With guidance and collaboration from Editors of the New England Journal of Medicine, we seek to expose the inner workings of Medicine to premedical and general audiences: undergraduate premeds, medical students, and others interested in learning what the lives of doctors are really like or what current issues in medicine will most directly affect our education, our families and lifestyles, and our future careers.
  • New Jour: Archive of thousands of on-line journals and newsletters for all disciplines.
  • Liberation Medicine: "The conscious, conscientious use of health to promote human dignity and social justice."
  • GrantsNet: Database of over 700 funding and scholarship possibilities for training in
    the biomedical sciences and undergraduate science education.

Allopathic Medicine (MD)


Complementary/Alternative Medicine

Dentistry (DDS)

Dual Degree

Forensic Science

International Students

MCAT Preparation




Osteopathic Medicine (DO)


Physical Therapy

Physician Assistant


Post-Baccalaureate and Special Master's Programs

  • AAMC Information
  • NIH IRTA: Intra-mural research training award. One-year biomedical research opportunity for recent college graduates intending to apply to graduate or professional school.

Public Health

Speech-pathology, Audiology

Sports Medicine

Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

If you don't find it here, try for a much more complete listing of health professions and related sites.