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Departmental Websites

Academic and administrative departments, student organizations and other approved entities may publish web pages using the Reason content management system. Sites will be included in the campus intranet navigation and sitemap. Contact the Associate Director for for information; request site setup via this form.

Standards for Departmental and Organizational Pages

Content authors are expected to sign the general computing user agreement, signifying their agreement to the Kalamazoo College guidelines and policies, and follow the standards below. 

  • The following standards are met automatically for sites using the Reason CMS:
    • Each page must include the name Kalamazoo College in its header.
    • Each page must include a link back to the Kalamazoo College home page.
    • Each page must include the email address, as a “mail to” link, of the Information Provider who maintains the accuracy and currency of the information.
    • Each page must include the date of last revision.
    • Each site's graphic design is consistent with the design of the College's poublic facing website.
  • The following standards are the responsibility of the content provider:
    • Each page must include a title that accurately and concisely reflects the page's contents.
    • Each page must include appropriate "description" and "keywords" meta tags.
    • Each page must be grammatically correct, free of spelling errors, free of broken links to other pages and sites, and factually accurate to the best knowledge of the Information Provider.
    • Each page must comply with College branding requirements.
    • Each page is subject to review by Web Services. In some circumstances, Web Services may request changes in the design of a page to better meet the needs of the College. Information Providers are expected to make such changes in a timely manner.

Custom photo banners

The default Reason template includes a photo banner which draws randomly from approximately 20 approprate campus scenes. These photos will be automatically updated approximately quarterly. Department site owners may optionally request custom photo banners. Appropriate photos may be found in the Office of Communications photo library, or you can request a photo shoot with a professional photographer via OCC.  If you already have some appropriate photographs, please email them to, and use the name of your website as the subject line, or burn them onto a CD/DVD or thumb drive and interoffice-mail them to Web Services. (Please do not email them to Web Services!)


  • Images must be at least 1000 pixels in width. Higher resolution is preferred. We will crop them to the correct size.
  • Images must be photographs of actual K subjects (students, faculty, staff, alumni, spaces, programs, activities.)
  • You must have permission of the photographer (if not yourself), and any recognizable people in the photo.