Jewish Studies Requirements

Number of Units
Six units are required.

Required Course

HIST/RELG 107: Introduction to Jewish Traditions (offered each Fall Quarter)

5 additional courses from the following list:

CLAS/RELG 261: Judaism in Antiquity

HEBR 101: Beginning Hebrew I

HEBR 102: Beginning Hebrew II

HEBR 201: Intermediate Hebrew

HIST/RELG 218: The American Jewish Experience

HIST/RELG 263: Jews in a Changing Europe, 1750-1880

HIST/RELG 264: Jewish Revolutions, 1881-1967

HIST/RELG 265: Zionism: From Idea to State

HIST/RELG 267: Women and Judaism

POLS 330: Politics of the Holocaust

RELG 110: Hebrew Bible

Hebrew studies are encouraged, but not required for the concentration.