Speech Center


Built by students who have shown confidence in public speaking, the Speech Center is available for help with academic, persuasive, and performance presentations conducted by Kalamazoo College students. Student leaders are knowledgeable about good presentation techniques, presentation forms, and are equipped with video cameras to help students view their presentations objectively and from the audience’s point of view.

Speech Center Mission

The Speech Center will help students to be the best verbal communicators they can be by helping students build public presentation skills and confidence. We will assist with every stage of a presentation, from drafting an outline, creating effective visual aids, to gesturing and vocal skills.

Meeting with the Speech Center

Walk-in hours operate on a first come, first served basis, as meeting times largely depend on the length of the presentation. In order to assure you are able to meet with a Speech Center student leader, you can book an appointment under "Speech Center Spring 2019" here : https://kzoo.mywconline.com/

Hours of Operation

Speech Center, Location: Upjohn Library Rm 118

Sunday: 7-9pm

Monday: 7-9pm

Wednesday: 4:30-6:30pm 

Speech Center student leaders are available to meet with professors in order to coordinate workshop, or create specialized grading criteria.

For more information, contact Brooklyn Willet by emailing Brooklyn.Willet15@kzoo.edu.

Working at the Speech Center

If you are confident with presentations, enjoy helping fellow students, and would like to build a critical eye for public presentations then apply to become a Speech Center leader! Please contact Candace Bailey Combs at ccombs@kzoo.edu