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Off-Campus Access in ARTstor

Off-Campus Access in ARTstor

You must have registered an account with ARTstor from a computer on the Kalamazoo College campus to take advantage of off-campus access. For information on how to register an account, see
How Do I Register an Account with ARTstor.

  • When you click on the "Search and Browse for Images" link, a new window will open requesting your email address and password.
  • When you click the "submit" button on that form, if you have entered a valid ARTstor user account and if you have logged on to that ARTstor account in the past 14 days, you will enter the ARTstor Library.
    As you enter, you will be reminded of how many days remain in your Access Grace Period.

Each time you log on to your ARTstor account from a computer on the Kalamazoo College campus, you will reset your Access Grace Period to 14 days. This means that for the next 14 days you will be able to access ARTstor from any computer connected to the Internet. You will also be able to authenticate the Offline Image Viewer or log in to ARTstor from the Offline Image Viewer to download your ARTstor Image Groups from any computer.

If you are using the Offline Viewer and need to log in to download your Image Groups, you will enter your email address and password when prompted as always. Provided you have logged in to online ARTstor in the past 14 days, you will see a list of your Image Groups and folders per usual. You will also be able to use your email address and password to reauthenticate your OIV software when prompted.
PLEASE NOTE: You must have Offline Image Viewer version 1.2 or higher installed for the new remote access to work.

Please remember that ARTstor is subject to terms and conditions of use, which require, among other things, that you not share your password with others. For more information on the terms and conditions of use, please see ARTstor Terms and Conditions.

If you have questions, please contact Reference at or 269-337-7152.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I click on "Search and Browse for Images" I am prompted to login with my email address and password. Why? What do I do?

If you are prompted at this point to use your email address and password, that means you are trying to enter ARTstor from a computer that is not authorized for ARTstor access. Your computer is probably not physically within Kalamazoo College. You should enter your email address and password as you did when you registered an account with ARTstor.

I have never registered an account with ARTstor and I want to use ARTstor remotely.

If you have never registered an account with ARTstor, you need to do that before you can access ARTstor remotely. If you can get back to your institution or campus, you can register there. If you are home and have access to online ARTstor through your institution's proxy server, accessing ARTstor and registering that way will work too.

I have an account with ARTstor but I've forgotten my password.

There is a "lost password" function built in to ARTstor but in order to use it, you must be able to access online ARTstor on the Kalamazoo College campus.

When I try to connect to ARTstor through the Offline Viewer I get an error message: "Trouble connecting to ARTstor, please try again later."

If you get that error message, you'll need to upgrade your version of the Offline Image Viewer. The remote access grace period requires version 1.2 or higher. To download and install this new version, you can follow the instructions in Installing the Offline Image Viewer.