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Departmental Student Advisor (DSA)

Mathematics Departmental Student Advisor (DSA)
2018 - 19

Allegra Allgeier

Senior major who enhances academic advising and provides an additional resource for other Mathematics majors especially first and second year students.

A little bit from Allegra:

  • Best part of being part of the math department: Nothing else can compare to the euphoria you feel after solving a math problem.
  • Advise for first years and sophomores about getting connected to the math department: The professors love taling with students. Asking them any math questions you have during office hours would be a great conversation starter! Kristen (the office coordinator) will also be a huge help with knowing your way around the department, so don't hesitate to ask her questions. You can attend the Tea Time on Wednesdays to talk to your classmates or upper class students for advise while snacking on delicious treats. Moreover, the MPC (Math and Physics Center) is a great place to study math and get help from tutors.
  • The most valuable thing I've learned: It is okay to feel uncomfortable, not all problems need to be answered at the the time they arise. Embrace time, and try to embrace the chaotic side of life where not everything is black and white.
  • Favorite class at K: My favorite class has been Topics in Topology taught by Dr. Intermont. It opened up a new side of math for me and let me realize that I enjoy learning and understanding abstract ideas.