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Kalamazoo College

Faculty and Staff

Eric Barth
Eric Barth
Phone: 269-337-7060

Office: 203H Olds/Upton Hall

Areas of Interest: Scientific Computation, Molecular Dynamics, Mathematical Musicology

Michele Intermont
Michele Intermont
Phone: 269-337-7107

Office: 203B Olds/Upton Hall

Area of Interest:  Algebraic Topology

Eric Nordmoe
Eric Nordmoe
Phone: 269-337-7066

Office: 203C Olds/Upton Hall

Areas of Interest: Statistics education, Applications of categorical data analysis in life and social sciences


Stephen Oloo
Stephen Oloo
Phone: 269-337-5721

Office: 203D Olds/Upton Hall


Areas of Interest: Geometric representation theory, topology of algebraic varieties


Mckenzie R. West
Phone: 269-3377062

Office: 203E Olds/Upton

Areas of Interest: Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry, Particularly Rational Points on Surfaces

Gerald Swoboda
Phone: 269-3377430
  • Visiting Instructor, Kalamazoo College, 2017 (Fall)
Kristen Eldred
Kristen L. Eldred
Phone: 269-337-7100

Office:  203 Olds/Upton Hall

Office Coordinator, Departments of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics