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Kalamazoo College


We are always interested in hearing from alumni of the Kalamazoo College Mathematics & Computer Science Department. What are you doing? Where are you located? Are you interested in hiring current  students as interns, employees?

Please keep in touch!  Email Kristen at

Travis Stowe-Schnell '05 - January 2014  Travis lives in New York City now and is the Director of Analytics at an advertising technology company called Appnexus (  He runs a group called "Client Insights Analytics".  His team helps companies advertise smarter using billions of data points to determine the best place to put their ad.  He's been in advertising analytics for 5 years now and  really loves it.

Michael Antonishen '09 - September, 2013  He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University and is  currently an Electrical Engineering Consultant at CVO Electrical Systems.

Daniel Barkley '08 - August, 2013 completed his master's in mathematics from Michigan State University in 2011. He then completed a teaching certification program from Saint Joseph's University in 2013, during which he taught courses at two community colleges in the Philadelphia area. He will begin his new job at Marian High School in Bloomfield Hills this fall, teaching geometry, statistics, and algebra. 

Brian Barkley '10 - May, 2012  Brian completed his Master's degree in pure mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Spring of 2012. He will be attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in pursuit of a PhD in Biostatistics starting in the Fall of 2012, where he will be working under a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences' Training Grant. His goal is to combine mathematics and statistics with his liberal arts education to improve health in low-socioeconomic status and immigrant populations.

Aubrey  Parker '08 - February, 2012  She was part of the media team following the Run Across Palestine, a 5-day 129-mile ultra marathon across the West Bank in support of olive farmers. She contributed video footage to a seven-part series chronicling the event, and she also hopes to write an article on water issues related to olive farming for Circle of Blue, where she is assistant editor. 

Eli Melaas '08 - September, 2011   Currently, he is beginning his 4th year of his PhD at Boston University's Department of Geography and Environment. Most of his research deals with improving models of phenology (timing of spring and fall) for global land surface climate models and comparing phenology measurement techniques such as satellite remote sensing and camera networks. He recently submitted a manuscript to Global Change Biology that introduces some new phenology models of the timing of spring onset of photosynthesis across temperate and boreal forest regions. He will be presenting a poster on the study at the American Geophysical Union conference in December.