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International Percussion Ensemble

Directed by Carolyn Koebel and Nathaniel Waller.  K's International Percussion Ensemble is a unique percussion ensemble experience.  The ensemble brings together individuals with varied musical backgrounds from K College, nearby institutions, and the general community in the common study of Indian and African drumming and Japanese Taiko Percussion

Students receive hands-on training in various forms of percussion music and along with practice on four custom-made mridangams and khanjiras (traditional Indian hand drums).

The ensemble meets once a week for the duration of the academic quarter and culminates in an interactive public performance.

K College International Percussion Ensemble

Kalamazoo College & Community Taiko

The Kalamazoo College Taiko Drumming Troupe welcomes all students to join in the exploration of this exciting Japanese art form. The class meets once each week and performs at various campus events, including AsiaFest in the spring.

Instructor, Esther Vandecar, professional taiko performer and teacher in the USA and Japan, is an ambassador of Taiko-passing on the joy it has given her for the last 25 years.  She looks forward to performing as support for all the people that will fall in love with this wonderful art form.

Listen to examples of past performances:

Maya Maya




Interested participants may contact the Susan Lawrence at 269.337.7070 for more information.