FAQs and Resources

How do I reserve a room or the Recital Hall?

All students need to visit Book a Room and complete the form for reserving a room. If you have questions or need help, please contact Sarah Gillig, Fine Arts Coordinator- 337-5050 or Sarah.Gillig@kzoo.edu

Does the Music Department have someone who records performances?

Music department ensembles, faculty and SIPs are recorded by the Music Department, and are available for purchase. Music students who wish to have a recital recorded that is not a SIP should contact our recording engineer, Doug Decker, Douglas.Decker@kzoo.edu to make arrangements and confirm the cost of the recording.

How can I purchase Music Department recordings? 

Recordings may be ordered and purchased through the Music Department Office.  CD's are $10.00, payable at the time of the order or purchase; CD orders will not be placed without payment. Quarterly ensemble concert CD orders are due to the music coordinator by Wednesday of Week 10 at 5:00 pm of that same quarter. CDs will be available on the following Monday (Exam Week) for pick-up in the music office. If you ave further questions, please contact Susan Lawrence, Music Event Coordinator or 337-7070. 

Does KCollege have instruments to loan?

 A limited number of school-owned string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments are available for loan. There is no cost to rent, but you are responsible for any loss or damage incurred. Personal (and loaned school-owned) instruments can be stored in the student instrument lockers located in FAB.  Please check in the Music Office - FAB129 or contact Susan Lawrence, 337-7070 - susan.lawrence@kzoo.edu

Where can I store my instrument? 

To use the student instrument lockers you must: 

1.  Sign out a locker on the posted sheets in the lower floor of FAB. 

2.  Select an appropriately sized locker for your instrument and provide your own lock. 

3.  Remove the lock and locker contents at the end of each academic year and prior to a lengthy departure from campus (such as study abroad, the NY Arts program, etc.); 

4.  Failure to do No.3 will result in the cutting off of your lock and the storing of the locker’s contents elsewhere until claimed thru the music office.

If you have questions or need help, please contact Sarah Gillig, Fine Arts Coordinator- 337-5050 or Sarah.Gillig@kzoo.edu

Where do I go to get my instrument repaired? 

If your instrument is in need of repair, you can contact the following: 

                          Marshall Music              269-321-0415

                          Meyer Music                 269-366-3920 (new to the area 2016)

                          Broughton Music           269-375-2808 

                          Scott Tribby Strings      269-373-4511  

Where do I find the practice rooms and when are they open?

Practice rooms are located in the lower level of the Fine Arts Building. 

During weekdays, the building doors are open between 7:30am and 5:00pm 

Your student key card gets you in the building from 5:00pm until 1:00 am on weekdays, and from 7:30am until 1am on weekends. 

You do not need to sign up for a practice room. They are available on a first come, first served basis. 

Are there any great concerts off-campus? 

Kalamazoo has excellent professional music organizations presenting on our campus and throughout Kalamazoo.  Student tickets are generally just $5 per event.  We encourage you to burst the K bubble and inform your own music-making by attending inspiring performances.  Here are some particularly venerable presenting organizations worth looking at: 

Gilmore Keyboard Festival  (Biennial Festival held in April-May 2014)    http://www.thegilmore.org/    

Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra                                  http://www.kalamazoosymphony.com/   

Fontana Chamber Arts and Jazz                                     http://www.fontanachamberarts.com/   

Stulberg International String Competition                                             http://www.stulberg.org/ 

Kalamazoo Junior Symphony                                                      http//www.kalamazoojuniorsymphony.com

Kalamazoo Concert Band                                                            http://www.kalamazooconcertband.org

Kalamazoo BachFestival                                                             http://www.kalamazoobachfestival.org