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Kalamazoo College

Wind, Percussion and Brass Faculty


Applied Fute Lessons ii





Betsy Wong: Flute         Email:         Click for bio

Beverly Guthrie

Beverly Guthrie:  Oboe      Email:     Click for bio

 Dawn Garret

Dawn Garrett: Clarinet         Email:     Click for bio

Brent Decker, saxophone

Brent Decker:  Saxophone    Email:    Click for bio


 Jason Kramer

Jason Kramer:  Bassoon       Click for bio

 Dr. Thomas G. Evans

Thomas G. Evans: Trombone and Tuba      Click for bio

Chris Garret, horn

Chris Garrett: Horn              Click for bio

 Keith Geiman

Keith Geiman:  Trumpet         Click for bio


Chance Trottman-Huiet - Tuba 

Chance Trottman-Huiet -Euphonium - / cell: 260-481-6728

Click for bio


Mark Guthrie

Mark Guthrie: Percussion           Click for bio

Carolyn Koebel

Carolyn Koebel: percussion       Email:     Click for bio


 Nathaniel Waller, percussionist

Nathaniel Waller: percussion     Email:   

Phone: 269-216-3915                Click for bio

Esther Vandecar

Esther Vandecar: Taiko Drumming            Email:      Click for bio