Kalamazoo Outing Club

Welcome to the webpage home of the Kalamazoo Outing Club at "K" College!
The mission of the Kalamazoo Outing Club (KOC) is to provide all “K” community members the ability to experience the outdoors in a noncompetitive and supportive environment regardless of their ability, while at the same time complementing the general goals of the school by providing an important aspect of a liberal-arts education.

Our Goals:

  • To provide the “K” college community with experiential education, environmental awareness, and technical skills so that they can successfully participate in and lead outdoor activities and wilderness trips.
  • Promote group and individual growth.
  • To have students try new things and meet new people.
  • Stimulate interest in outdoor activities and curiosity of the natural wilderness.
  • Have a proactive educational role in environmental stewardship.
  • Show students that there is more than just the “K” bubble and the town of Kalamazoo.
  • Continue, complement and add to Kalamazoo College's LandSea, study abroad, and all other life changing experiences.
  • Directed by the desire to achieve such goals without financial discrimination.

Review our trip calendar and join our group on Facebook to stay updated on this quarter's trips.