Tax Withholding Forms

Please reivew your current W-4 allowances which are located on the top left side of your pay advice.  For those who are paid electronically, your pay advice can be viewed online through the Hornet HIve.  If you wish to make a change, submit a new W-4 to the Payroll Office.

The forms below are used to change your current withholding information.  If you are a new employee and are completing these forms for the first time, please contact

Related Documents

  • Federal W-4 Form (124 KB PDF Document)
    Federal Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate Wages are taxable income and the college is required to have a completed W-4 form on file for you in order to pay you. You do not have to complete the Personal Allowances Worksheet, but you must complete boxes 1 thru 5 of the Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate and sign and date it. Please be aware that Kalamazoo College cannot offer specific tax advice. Therefore, you may need to consult outside sources such as the I.R.S. (, a tax advisor, parents, guardians, etc.
  • MI W-4 Form (18 KB PDF Document)
    Michigan Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate You need to fill in boxes 1 thru 6. In box 6 you enter the number of allowances you are claiming. Most people enter the same number they entered in box 5 on their Federal W-4. After completing box 6 on the Michigan W-4 you need to sign and date this form. STUDENTS: If you are a resident of IL, IN, KY, MN, OH or WI, you are exempt from paying State of Michigan taxes. Do not enter anything in box 6, rather check box “b” on line 8 and write “State of ____ resident” where asked to explain.