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Kalamazoo College

Physical Education

Welcome to the Physical Education Department Website!

The mission of Kalamazoo College is to prepare its graduates to better understand, live successfully within, and provide enlightened leadership to a richly diverse and increasingly complex world. As a highly selective, nationally renowned, and internationally oriented four-year college of arts and sciences, Kalamazoo College has developed a tradition of excellence in the fulfillment of this mission through its own unique curriculum.

One unit of that unique curriculum is the fulfillment of four PE activity classes, each worth .25 units toward the one full unit. In its 2009 curriculum review, faculty at Kalamazoo College unanimously affirmed the PE activity requirement as a necessary piece of a healthy, active, fit lifestyle; a cornerstone of successful living and enlightened leadership. Through its physical education activity requirement and offerings that carry academic credit, the College honors the "sound mind in a sound body" philosophy that is a landmark of a liberal arts education.  Several opportunities for healthful activities are housed in the department of physical education which includes intramurals administration and the department of athletics in addition to the cadre of activity classes. 

The Physical Education department serves on average 700 K students per term.  That's nearly half of our student population!

Karen Berthel
Karen Berthel
Phone: 269-337-7128

 Courses Taught: PED-086-02 Beginning Yoga

 Associate Professor of Theater Arts

Lynsey K. VanSweden
Phone: 269-337-7082

Physical Education Coordinator

BS - Central Michigan University

James P. Daniels

Courses taught: PED-070 Developmental Swimming

Interim Head Swimming & Diving Coach

Director of Intramurals

BA - Kalamazoo College

Bryan Goyings
Bryan Goyings
Phone: 269-337-5776

Courses Taught: PED-064 Recreational Soccer, PED-105 Step Up!

Head Women's Soccer Coach

Athletic Recruitment Coordinator

BA - Kalamazoo College

Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia
Phone: 269-337-7314

Courses Taught: PED-039 Gardening

Grounds Coordinator

Melanie Rushing
Phone: 269-3375758

Courses taught: PED-072 Badminton

Head Softball Coach

BS - Redlands

MS - University of Denver

MA - Jacksonville University


Head Volleyball Coach Department Chair - Physical Education
Jeanne Hess
Phone: 269-337-7086

Courses Taught: PED-013 Smoking Cessation, PED-082 Volleyball, PED-101 Mind/Body

Chair, Physical Education Department

Head Volleyball Coach

BS - University of Michigan

MA - Western Michigan University

Jory Horner
Jory J. Horner
Phone: 269-337-7356

Courses Taught: PED-063 Indoor Rock Climbing, PED-099 Michigan Land/Sea Expedition

Director, Land Sea & Outdoor Programs

BS - Oregon State University - Cascades

John Krajacic
John Krajacic
Phone: 269-337-5805

Courses Taught: PED-045 InerTRAIN, PED-084 Weight Training

Assistant Football Coach

BA - Kalamazoo College

Jim Langeland
Jim Langeland
Phone: 269-337-7010

Courses Taught: PED-086-03 Beginning Yoga

Upjohn Professor of Life Sciences

Professor of Biology

BA - Kalamazoo College

Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin

Katie Miller
Katherine Miller
Phone: 269-337-5752

Courses Taught: PED-046 Individual Fitness, PED-061 Beginning Racquetball

Head Women's Basketball Coach

BA - Mount Union College

MEd - Bowling Green State University

Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy
Phone: 269-337-5793

Courses Taught: PED-074 Intermediate Tennis, PED-075 Advanced Tennis,

                               PED-105 Step Up!

Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Summer Camps

Head Women's Tennis Coach

BA - Coe College

Mike Ott
Michael Ott
Phone: 269-337-7347

Courses Taught: PED-046 Individual Fitness, PED-084 Weight Training

Head Baseball Coach

BA - Calvin College

MA - Western Michigan University

Vince Redko
Vincent Redko
Phone: 269-337-7591

Courses Taught: PED-027 Conditioning & Speed

Head Men's Lacrosse Coach

BS - Ursinus College

MS - Misericordia University

Mark Riley
Mark J. Riley
Phone: 269-337-7079

Courses Taught: PED-074 Intermediate Tennis, PED-075 Advanced Tennis

Head Men's Tennis Coach

BA - Kalamazoo College

Lumumba Shabazz
Lumumba Shabazz
Phone: 269-337-7454

Courses Taught: PED-046 Individual Fitness

Head Men's Soccer Coach

BA - Florida International University

Jamie Zorbo
Jamie Zorbo
Phone: 269-337-7078

Courses Taught: PED-027 Conditioning & Speed

Head Football Coach

Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Fund and Sponsorships

BA - Kalamazoo College

MBA - Western Michigan University

Jessica R. Smith
Phone: 269-337-5790

Head Women's Lacrosse Coach

Ultimate Frisbee Club Advisor