Faculty & Staff


Jeanne Hess

Courses Taught: PED-150 Smoking Cessation; PED-037 Volleyball; PED-135 Mind/Body;

Chair, Physical Education Department

Head Volleyball Coach


Lynsey K. VanSweden
Phone: 269-337-7082

Physical Education Coordinator

Athletics Compliance Coordinator

Assistant to the Athletic Director


Jennifer L. Bailey
Phone: 269-337-7035

Courses taught: PED-084 Advanced Interval Training

Director, Fitness & Wellness Center

Karen Berthel
Phone: 269-337-7128

 Courses Taught: PED-118-02 Beginning Yoga

 Associate Professor of Theater Arts

James P. Daniels

Courses taught: PED-092 Developmental Swimming

Head Swimming & Diving Coach

Director of Intramurals

Aquatics Director


Kelli Duimstra

Courses taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness

Head Softball Coach

Victor Garcia
Phone: 269-337-7314

Courses Taught: PED-126 Gardening; Composting

Recycling & Grounds Manager

Bryan Goyings
Phone: 269-337-5776

Courses Taught: PED-022 Recreational Soccer; PED-151 Step Up!

Head Women's Soccer Coach



Jory J. Horner
Phone: 269-337-7356

Courses Taught: PED-024 Indoor Rock Climbing, PED-177 Snowshoeing;

Director of Outdoor Programming


Kristopher Koster
Phone: 269-337-7082

Courses taught: PED-038 Introduction to Track & Field

Head Cross Country Coach

John Krajacic
Phone: 269-337-5805

Courses Taught: PED-098 InerTRAIN, PED-089 Conditioning & Speed

Assistant Football Coach


Jim Langeland
Phone: 269-337-7010

Courses Taught: PED-118 Beginning Yoga

Upjohn Professor of Life Sciences

Professor of Biology


Colleen Leonard

Courses taught: PED-113 Pylometric Training

Assistant Volleyball Coach

Katherine Miller
Phone: 269-337-5752

Courses Taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness, PED-020 Beginning Racquetball

Head Women's Basketball Coach


Mark Murphy
Phone: 269-337-5793

Courses Taught: PED-021 Squash; PED-035 Advanced Tennis; PED-151 Step-up!

Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Summer Camps

Head Women's Tennis Coach


Michael Ott
Phone: 269-337-7347

Courses Taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness

Head Baseball Coach


Brianne Powers

Courses taught: PED-092 Developmental Swimming

Assistant Swimming & Diving Coach

Vincent Redko
Phone: 269-337-7591

Courses Taught: PED-130 Cooking and Food Issues

Head Men's Lacrosse Coach


Aaron Rice

Courses taught: PED-089 Speed & Conditioning

Assistant Football Coach

Mark J. Riley
Phone: 269-337-7079

Courses Taught: PED-033 Beginning Tennis

Head Men's Tennis Coach; Director of USTAs


Lumumba Shabazz
Phone: 269-337-7454

Courses Taught: PED-097 Individual Fitness

Head Men's Soccer Coach


Jay Smith
Phone: 269-337-5804

Courses taught: PED-003 Basketball; PED004 Advanced Basketball

Head Men's Basketball Coach


Jessica R. Smith
Phone: 269-337-5790

Courses taught: PED-002 Badminton

Head Women's Lacrosse Coach

Ultimate Frisbee Club Advisor

Jamie Zorbo
Phone: 269-337-7078

Courses Taught: PED-089 Conditioning & Speed

Head Football Coach

Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Fund and Sponsorships