Program Requirements

The Physical Education Graduation Requirement

All students shall earn one unit of physical education (PE) activity, which may be met by electing and satisfactorily completing five activities, each equal to 0.2 units, selected from physical education activity classes, intercollegiate athletics, study abroad, and LandSea, subject to the following conditions:

  1. A modified or otherwise specifically planned program will be developed by an advisor in the department for any student having a complete or partial restriction as indicated on that individual's health record.
  2. Students are urged to complete the requirement over the period of five quarters.
  3. Students may take as many PE activity classes as they desire, but only one unit, or five credits, will be counted toward the graduation requirement.
  4. All activity courses may be repeated as often as desired, with the exception of PED 101 - Mind/Body, which carries 0.4 units.
  5. Varsity athletes earn one activity credit per season per academic year, and split seasons such as golf will award one activity credit for the academic year, whether the athlete participates in fall or spring or both.
  6. One activity credit for physical education may be granted for each six months of military service or each quarter of ROTC training.
  7. In some instances students may receive PE activity credit for activity classes on study abroad, especially those indigenous to a particular culture.  These credits must be certified through the Center for International Programs.

Physical Education Activity classes include various opportunities and are each worth 0.2 units.  Some require that students furnish their own equipment or transportation off-campus; some require a modest fee (indicated by *); but one can achieve the full unit with on-campus, non-fee courses.  Click here to view activity courses. 

NOTE: Mind/Body (PED 101), is an activity class that combines classroom and individualized activity that focuses on personal health and recognizes a fit and active lifestyle.  It is worth 0.4 units and can only be taken once.


Physical Education Academic Classes

One academic, full-unit (1.0) class is offered each quarter through the PE department, and Sports Psychology is offered through the psychology department.  These classes are recommended for students interested in coaching, athletics, fitness, or leadership: PED 210 - Care and Treatment of Injuries

PED 210 Care & Treatment of Injuries - provides knowledge of anatomy, first aid, and examination of techniques used in the prevention and care of athletic injuries.

Physical Education SIPs

PED 593  Senior Individualized Project - is worth a full unit (1.0).  Each program or department sets its own requirements for Senior Individualized Projects done in that department, including the range of acceptable projects, the required background of students doing projects, the format of the SIP, and the expected scope and depth of projects.  See the Kalamazoo Curriculum/Curriculum Details and Policies section of the Academic Catalog for more details.  Prerequisite: Permission of department and SIP supervisor required.


If you have questions contact Department Chair, Jeanne Hess.