Phi Beta Kappa Eligibility Requirements at Kalamazoo College

To be eligible for inclusion in Phi Beta Kappa, students must be at the top of their class, and only strictly liberal arts courses are considered in the calculation of GPA for the purposes of Phi Beta Kappa eligibility. Phi Beta Kappa does not recognize pre-professional classes, but some courses that have significant applied or practical skills components CAN be counted towards Phi Beta Kappa eligibility (see list of such courses).

In order to meet the Phi Beta Kappa requirements for a liberal arts education, students also must demonstrate breadth by completing work in the following areas:

1)      3 courses in the combined areas of humanities and fine arts (including literature courses in any language), with not more than 1 of these being a course with a significant applied or practical skills component.

2)      2 courses in the combined areas of the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science.

3)      2 courses in the social sciences.

4)      Demonstrated proficiency in mathematics at the college level. This can be met by any mathematics course at Kalamazoo College EXCEPT Math 110. This can also be met by COMP 215 or COMP 300 or an AP score in Calculus AB of 4 or 5, or BC score of 3.

5)      Demonstrated language proficiency at the college level.

If you have questions about your ability to meet the breadth requirements required for membership, please do not hesitate to ask your academic advisor or one of the members on campus.  If you have questions about what membership in this society could mean to you, ask the people mentioned above or visit the Phi Beta Kappa Website: