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We are always interested in hearing from alumni of the Kalamazoo College Physics Department. What are you doing? Where are you located? Are you interested in hiring current Physics students as interns, employees?

We try to keep an up to date list of our department graduates.  If you would like to let us know your most current information, please contact Kristen Eldred at  If you would like to appear here please let us know.

Please keep in touch!

Michael Antonishen '09 - September, 2013  He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University and is  currently an Electrical Engineering Consultant at CVO Electrical Systems.

Aubrey  Parker '08 - February, 2012  She was part of the media team following the Run Across Palestine, a 5-day 129-mile ultra marathon across the West Bank in support of olive farmers. She contributed video footage to a seven-part series chronicling the event, and she also hopes to write an article on water issues related to olive farming for Circle of Blue, where she is assistant editor.

Eli Melaas '08 - September, 2011   Currently, he is beginning his 4th year of his PhD at Boston University's Department of Geography and Environment. Most of his research deals with improving models of phenology (timing of spring and fall) for global land surface climate models and comparing phenology measurement techniques such as satellite remote sensing and camera networks. He recently submitted a manuscript to Global Change Biology that introduces some new phenology models of the timing of spring onset of photosynthesis across temperate and boreal forest regions. He will be presenting a poster on the study at the American Geophysical Union conference in December.

Thomas Nudell '09 - February, 2011  He is studying Power Systems at North Carolina State University. He will also get a Renewable Electric Energy Systems Certificate that they offer  at the end of this academic year. He  received a Critical Language Scholarship sponsored by a US Department of State program,  and will  be spending the summer of 2011 in China studying Mandarin. He will be enrolled in a PhD program next fall doing Power System Stability research also at North Carolina State University. 

Micah Smith '10 - January, 2011  He is currently working for General Motors as a Design Release Engineer and going to school on a part-time basis towards a master's degree in Energy Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Justin Horowitz ’05 – August, 2010 He has a bachelors and masters from Washington University in St. Louis.  He is at the University of Illinois-Chicago for his PhD because his PI is dual affiliated with Northwestern and UI-C.  He works in the robotics lab at RIC, which is a major player in human robot interaction, modeling of motor learning, and robotic therapy/stroke rehabilitation.

Clara Scholl ’05 – August, 2010 Is currently beginning her fourth year as a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience at Georgetown University.  She is working in the laboratory for Computational Cognitive Neuroscience in the Department of Neuroscience, Georgetown University Medical Center.  She is using psychophysics and electroencephalography (EEG) in humans to empirically test hypotheses about vision in cortex based on a quantitative computational model of vision.

Bobby Rohrkemper ’04 – July, 2010 Finished his PhD at the Institute for Neuroinformatics, Zurich, Switzerland and now is a scientific staff, consultant at ZHAW (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, University of Applied Science).

Matthew Ringel ’98 – July, 2010 Is a Lieutenant in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's commissioned officer corps, at the Pacific Hydrographic Branch.  He recently completed a two-year sea tour surveying the coasts of Alaska.  His ship, NOAA Ship Fairweather, traveled everywhere from Ketchikan in the southeast to the Bering Sea in the northwest.  He now lives in Seattle supporting NOAA's mission to produce and update nautical charts of US waters. After the Gulf oil spill he spent two weeks in Houma, LA supporting NOAA's Deepwater Horizon response at the Sub-surface Monitoring Unit. 

NOAA has a program called the Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program which he would encourage science students at K to look into.  The webpage for the program can be found at:  It provides research opportunities and scholarship money to talented students interested in all aspects of NOAA's mission, which is wide ranging.  Applications are available starting November each year. It's a great program and very competitive.

Philip Sheehy ’00 – July, 2010 After he finished his PhD at MIT he had a Post-Doc position at UC-San Diego for 2 years working on air quality in Mexico City. He did a combination of modeling and fieldwork.

At MIT he was involved with some sustainability focused student groups and the Alliance for Global Sustainability – an alliance between MIT, Univ of Tokyo, and ETH in Zurich (another university, Chalmers in Sweden got in on the action after a couple of years too). He served as President of the World Student Community for Sustainable Development for a year.

After his postdoc, he wanted to transition into a more applied/policy field. He started at TIAX LLC – a small consulting firm in Cupertino CA focusing on vehicle technologies, alternative  fuels, renewable energy, and other technological solutions for air quality and climate change problems. He is now working at ICF International in San Franscisco. Most of his work involves providing technical/research support for public/government agencies e.g., California Energy Commission, EPA, etc..

Sustainability has crept into the lexicon of policy makers in California and has actually been included in regulatory language (specifically, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and AB 118). Before he left his previous firm, I did a report for the CA Energy Commission to develop an analytical framework to evaluate the sustainability of transportation fuels.

There are internships at his current firm, so that’s an option. He would be glad to share his experience as a grad student, post-doc, and transition into consulting with students as possible.

Michael Antonishen '09 - April, 2010    After graduation he went back to Denmark to work as a researcher again for about 4 months at Aalborg Universitet where he did his SIP research.  He returned stateside in November and went to Colorado to be a ski bum, his job there  just ended.  He's  skied over 100 days this season and is very happy about that, but also very excited to move on now that he has fulfilled his dream to be a ski bum for a winter.  

In the past year he has also been applying to graduate school.   He was accepted at Oregon State University, his number one choice, for Fall 2010 and offered full funding as a Grad assistant for a Masters in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Renewable Energy Systems (wind/wave/solar, grid interfacing, etc.).

Burt DeWilde '07 - October, 2009  Burt is three years into his PhD program at Stony Brook University. He is specializing in High-Energy Physics, and now works on the ATLAS experiment ( He just put the finishing touches on a paper along with 75 co-authors, about hardware testing of prototype silicon strip sensors to be used in future upgrades to the ATLAS detector at CERN. He has moved (semi-permanently) to CERN. to work with a particle accelerator.