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Departmental Student Advisor (DSA)

Physics Departmental Student Advisor (DSA)
2018 - 19

Abhjeet "Archie" Bhullar

Senior major who enhances academic advising and provides an additional resource for other Physics majors especially first and second year students.

A little bit from Archie:

  • Best thing about the Physics department: The department prioritizes learning over anything else, and they aren't afraid to try new and unconventional tactics to make you learn.
  • Advice to first year and sophomores: Never be afraid to approach your Professors, whether you're an introductory student or not. If you're interested in research oppportunities here at K or elsewhere, talking to your professors is a very good first step.
  • The most valuable thing learned at K: 4 Years at K is a battle of attrition, learning to balance stress is an important factor in prolonged success.
  • Favorite class at K: Quantum Mechanics, the <bra| |ket> joke never gets old.