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Jennifer Einspahr

Associate Professor of Political Science

Telephone: (269) 337-7059




BA, Whitman College
PhD, Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey

Courses Taught

POLS 108 Introduction to Political Theory: The Nature of Politics

POLS 257 Justice and the Political Community in Antiquity (Classical Political Theory)

POLS 260 Liberty, Equality, and Authority in Modernity (Modern Political Theory)

POLS 263 American Political Theory

POLS 265 Feminist Political Theories

POLS 320 Democracy and Democratic Theory

POLS 360 Domination, Liberation, and Justice in the 20th Century (Contemporary Political Theory)

WMST 101 Introduction to Women’s Studies

WMST 490 Seminar in Women’s Studies

WRIT 130 First-Year Seminar