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Major and Minor Requirements

Believing in the contribution of the study of politics to a liberal arts education, this department approaches political science as an integrated discipline. Its purposes are threefold: to provide basic instruction in political behavior, theory and institutions; to offer a thorough grounding for study in graduate and professional schools (political science forms a key part of the preĀ­-law program); and to offer preparation for public or government service at the local, state, national, or international level. In assisting students to understand both the Political Science methods and substantive issues of the subject, the department combines its broad range of courses, seminars, and individualized work with practical experience in government, public service, and legal institutions.

Requirements for the Major in Political Science

Number of Units: Nine units are required, not including the SIP.

Required Courses

  • POLS 105 Introduction to American Government
  • POLS 106 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POLS 107 Introduction to International Politics
  • ONE of the following:
    1. POLS 257, Justice and Political Community in Antiquity
    2. POLS 260, Liberty, Equality, and Authority:  Modern Political Theory
    3. POLS 263, American Political Theory
      As long as POLS 108 continues to be taught, it will continue to count as one of the required courses.  (It will be offered in Spring, 2012, and possibly once more in the future.)  However, beginning this term (Winter, 2012), taking any of the three courses listed above will satisfy the theory requirement as well.
  • POLS 490 Contemporary Behavior, Theory, and Methodology

The Department strongly encourages students to complete their introductory courses prior to leaving for study abroad.

Requirements for the Minor in Political Science

Number of Units: Six units are required.

Required Courses:

  • POLS 105 Introduction to American Government
  • Five additional political science courses chosen from the areas of American government, international politics, political theory, and comparative politics