Academic Coordinator

Brenda Westra
Phone: 269-337-7331
Dr. Batsell, Associate Professor and Department Chair
Robert Batsell
Phone: 269-337-7032

Office: Olds/Upton 403B

MS, PhD, Texas Christian University

Neuroscience, physiological and learning psychology

Recipient of the Kurt D. Kaufman Professorship to recognize and honor excellence in teaching exhibited in the classroom and through pursuit of scholarship or other creative activity while including students.  2004-2005 to 2006-2007

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Dr. Karyn Boatwright
Karyn Boatwright
Phone: 269-337-7110

Office: Olds/Upton 403G

MA,PhD, Michigan State University

Counseling, feminist psychology of women, history of psychology

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Kyla Day Fletcher
Kyla Day
Phone: 269-337-5784

Office: Olds/Upton 403F

BS, Howard University

MS, PhD, University of Michigan

Dr. Peter Erdi
Peter Erdi
Phone: 269-337-5720

MSc, L. Eötvös University, Budapest
MSc, Technical University of Budapest
PhD, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
DSc, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


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Dr. Gregg, Associate Professor
Gary Gregg
Phone: 269-337-7069

Office: Olds/Upton 403E

PhD, University of Michigan

Social-cultural psychology, Arab-Muslin societies

Recipient of the Lucasse award for excellence in research.

Dr. Gregg's Homepage

The Middle East: A Cultural Psychology

Culture and Identity in a Muslim Society


Brittany Liu
Phone: 269-337-7108

Office: Olds/Upton 403F

Brittany Liu


BA, Claremont McKenna College

PhD, University of California, Irvine

Social psychology, political and moral psychology, psychology and law

Jennifer Mills Langeland, PhD, LPC
Jennifer Langeland
Phone: 269-337-7331

Office: Olds/Upton 403 I


Dr. Hostetter, Assistant Professor
Autumn B. Hostetter
Phone: 269-337-7109

Office: Olds/Upton 403H

BS, Berry College
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Cognitive psychology, language

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Jen Perry
Jennifer Perry
Phone: 269-337-5772

BA St Olaf College

PhD University of Minnesota

Siu Lan picture 2
Siu-Lan Tan
Phone: 269-337-7111

Office: Olds/Upton 403C

BMus, Pacific Union College
MA, PhD, Georgetown University

Developmental psychology, psychology of music

Recipient of the the Lucasse award for excellence in teaching.

Dr. Tan's Homepage

Psychology of Music by Siu-Lan Tan, Peter Pfordresher, and Rom Harre