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Dr. Karyn J. Boatwright

Associate Professor (1998)Boatwright, Karyn

Department of Psychology
Kalamazoo College
Kalamazoo, MI 49006

Office: Olds-Upton, Rm. 403D
Phone: (269)-337-7110
FAX: (269)-337-7030

Curriculum Vitae


BA, Lee University
MS, PhD, Michigan State University - Counseling Psychology

Scholarly Interests:

Leadership Aspirations
Gender Issues
Applying and Empirically Validating the Relational Theory

Representative Publications:

Pfaff, L., Boatwright, K. J., Finan, C., Pothoff, A., Ulrey, L. A. & Huber, D. (Submitted for Review, July, 2012). Perceptions of Women and Men Leaders Following 360-degree Feedback Evaluations. Performance improvement Quarterly.

Boatwright, K. J., Lopez, F. Sauer, E., VanderWege, A., & Huber, D. M. (2010). The influence of adult attachment styles on workers' preferences for relational leadership behaviors. Psychologist Manager Journal, 13, 1-14.

Boatwright, K. J., & Nolan, B. (2006). Growthfull connections: Relational-cultural theory in therapeutic action. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 30, 232.

Boatwright, K. J., Lopez, F. & Sauer, E. (under review). Leadership preferences within two work organizations: Contributions of worker gender and adult attachment styles. Journal of Organizational and Leadership Studies.

Boatwright, K. J. & Sinacore, A. (in press). Student responses to feminist pedagogy. In Carol Enns and Ada Sinacore (Eds.) Feminist pedagogy. Washington DC: American Psychological Association.

Enns, C. Z., Sinacore, A., Acevdo, V., Akcali, O., Ali, S. R., Ancis, J., Forrest, L., Fassinger, R., Boatwright, K. J., Boyer, M., Byers-Winston, A. (2005). Integrating Multicultural and feminist pedagogies: Personal perspectives on Positionality, challenges, and benefits. Teaching and Social Justice: Integrating Multicultural and Feminist theories in the Classroom Washington DC: American Psychological Association. Washington D.C.:APA

Pfaff, L., Boatwright, K., Egidio, R. & Lenz, K. (in progress). Sex differences in leadership effectiveness. Sex Roles.

Boatwright, K. J., Egidio, R., Vibbert, S., Connors, C., Fox, A., Leafers, J., Spang, E., McCracken, Kate, Lacina, Merideth, Vanorio, Lexy, & Lenz, Katy (2003). Psychological predictors of college women's leadership aspirations. Journal of College Student Development, 44(5), 653-669.

Vecchio, R. P. & Boatwright, K. J. (2002). Preferences for idealized styles of supervision. Leadership Quarterly, 168, 1-16.

Boatwright, K. J. & Forrest, L. K. The influence of gender and needs for connection on workers' ideal preferences for leadership behaviors (2000). Journal of Leadership Studies, 7, 18-34

Codde, J. R., Egidio, R, Boatwright, K. J., & Zahn, J. (2000). Strategic planning for an online distance education program: Driving change through education at the UAW-Daimler Chrysler National Training Center. In Zane Berge (Ed.) Sustaining Distance Training, San Francisco: Jossey Bass.

Steward, R., Boatwright, K. J., & Sauer, E. (1998). The relationships among counselor-trainees' gender, cognitive development, and white racial identity: Implications for Counseling Training. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, 26, 254-272.

Ketzenberger, K. E., Boatwright, K. J., & Forrest, L. (1998). Shining new light on borderline personality: A historical and theoretical perspective. Journal of Contemporary Psychology, 43, 862-863.

Ketzenberger, K., Boatwright K. J., & Forrest, L. (1998). Glass Mirrors: Borderline personality disorder. Journal of Contemporary Psychology.

Boatwright, K. J., Gilbert, M., Forrest, L., & Ketzenberger, K. (1996). Impact of identity upon career trajectory. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 48, 210-228.

Steward, R., Boatwright, K. J., & Sauer, E. (1996). Social support system of successful college students: A study of race, ethnicity and sex. Journal of College Student Development, 37, 97-98.

Teaching Interests:

PSYC 101 - Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 270 - Feminist Psychology of Women
PSYC 450 - Counseling Psychology: Theory and Practice
PSYC 470 - History and Systems of Psychology

Student Activities:

Karyn Boatwright and Students 

Erin Nugent, Karyn Boatwright, and Caitlin Connors at the American Psychological Association Meeting in Honolulu.

Personal Interests:

Reading History of Psychology; autobiography or biographies; oil and water color paintings; dogs; family, and golf.