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How to Recycle

Recycling's Big Questions AnsweredMasCotBin

Where can I recycle?

Each dorm room has a small blue bin for your recyclables.  When full, drop recyclables at the nearest recycling station, either between Harmon and Hoben, behind Crissey and Severn, or in the parking lot between Trowbridge and DeWaters.  Each academic building also has large blue bins for recycling. Large blue bins take all recyclables: paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.

What is recyclable?

**Note: All recyclables should be clean when deposited in the recycling bins. 

Newspapers:  Deposit newspapers into the container labeled “Newspaper.”

Paper:  Put mixed paper and old magazines into the container labeled “Paper.”

Cardboard:  Flatten all boxes before placing them into the tan dumpster.  Pizza grease renders cardboard unrecyclable but if you rip off the parts without grease it can be recycled!

Plastic:  If the plastic is numbers 1-5 and 7, they can be placed in the commingle bin.  Plastic labeled with a "6" can be recycled as styrofoam.  Please see below.

Glass, aluminum cans, tin cans:  Put these items into the commingle bin.

Aerosol Cans:  Aerosol cans must be empty before they are recycled.  After emptying its contents, drop into the commingle bin.

Styrofoam:  Styrofoam or plastic labeled with a “6” can be recycled, for example egg cartons and coffee cups.  Place in a mixed paper bin.

Batteries, CFLs, and other e-waste: Small electronic waste products can be put in a bag and dropped off in a mixed paper bin. Larger items should be taken directly to the Bat Cave. 


What is not recyclable?

Tissues, Napkins, Condoms, Candy Wrappers, Items with Food Residue, Food, Your Roommate