Guest Students and Dual Enrollment

Students enrolled as degree-seeking students at another college or university who would like to take courses at Kalamazoo College during the Fall, Winter, or Spring terms should complete a Michigan Guest Student Application and submit it to the Registrar's Office for consideration.  Kalamazoo College does not offer classes in the Summer term.

Kalamazoo College students wishing to take classes at another Michigan college or university should also complete the Michigan Guest Student Application. Please note: outside of approved Interinstitutional Courses, concurrent enrollment is not allowed.

Dual Enrollment refers to the opportunity for qualified high school students to enroll in Kalamazoo College courses while concurrently enrolled in high school. Students receive both high school and college credit for these classes. Students need to complete the Dual Enrollment Application to be considered for dual enrollment at Kalamazoo College. Applications should be submitted to the Admissions Office.