Forms -- Students

  • Academic Standards Committee

    Directions for petitioning the Academic Standards Committee
  • Change of Advisor

    Change of Advisor Form to use when changing advisors. First-Year students must have permission from the Dean Advising to change advisors.
  • Course Withdrawal Form

    Course Withdrawal form to use when you are withdrawing from a course. Advisor signature is required - course instructor signature is not required. Deadline is Friday of Week 8.
  • Credit/No Credit Form

    Credit/No Credit form and guidelines for designating a letter-graded course to be graded credit/no credit.
  • Declaration Form

    Declaration form used to add or remove majors, minors, or concentrations. Department chair permission and advisor's signature is required to add a major, minor, or concentration. Advisor's signature is needed to drop a major, minor, concentration.
  • Drop/Permission to Add Form

    Add form to use when instructor permission is required (e.g., to go over cap, to override prerequisites). Form should only be used to drop classes on Thursday or Friday of first week of the term or during the second week for partial unit art, music, or theatre classes. All other drops can be completed online.
  • Duplicate Diploma

    Duplicate Diploma form for ordering additional copies of official diploma.
  • Enrollment Verification Form

    Enrollment Verification form used to verify enrollment for current or past terms. Future enrollment can only be verified once registration is complete.
  • Independent Study Form

    Independent Study Form needed to register for and independent study course with a professor.
  • Individual Substitution Form

    Use this form to document departmental permission to substitute a course taken at Kalamazoo College or elsewhere for a major, minor, or concentration requirement. This form is necessary to count transfer, Advanced Placement, International Baacalaureate, or study abroad credit toward a major, minor, or concentration.
  • Institutionally Recognized Name

    Policy, Procedure, and Request form for the College's Institutionally Recognized Name
  • Overload Form

    Use this form if you want to register for a course overload. Advisor approval is required.
  • SIP Registration Form

    A SIP Registration form is required to register for your Senior Individualized Project. Students cannot register for SIPs online.
  • Study Abroad Double Enrollment

    Petition for approval of Double-Enrollment when returning from Study Abroad.
  • Transcript Requests

    Instructions for ordering official and unofficial copies of student transcripts. Unofficial copies of transcripts are available to current students only. Orders and payment must be made online and can be delivered electronically, via Federal Express or the US Postal service, or picked up in the Registrar's Office.
  • Underloading