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Kalamazoo College

Frequently Asked Questions - Fall Housing Assignment Process (New Students)

  1. How are new students assigned to spaces Once a student makes a deposit to the College they are sent a letter that contains the link to the Entering Student Housing Application to fill out and submit electronically to the Office of Residential Life.  When they are received by Residential Life, each application is date-stamped and numbered.  During the summer new students are matched by hand with roommates based on living styles and preferences, and assigned to spaces.  We take into account all of the information students provide to us on their Entering Student Housing Applications.  That is why it is VERY important for students to be honest and thorough when filling out the Entering Student Housing Application (parents, please do not fill out this form for your student!).  First-year students will be assigned to one of three first-year residence halls: Harmon (houses both first-year and upper class students), Hoben, or Trowbridge.  Transfer students will be assigned to one of four upper-class residence halls: Crissey, DeWaters, Harmon (houses both 1st year and upper class students), or Severn.  There are very few single rooms available and all single rooms do cost $350 more per quarter.  Singles are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you are interested in a single, it is highly advised that you turn in your Entering Student Housing Application as soon as possible.  Most first-year students will be housed in double rooms with community bathrooms. New students receive roommate and housing assignment information to their K College email account during the last week in July.
  2. How will I be assigned if I am transgender? Residential Life staff members are committed to working to meet the housing needs of all students in a nurturing community that values diversity and promotes the dignity of all people. If you have special housing needs based on gender identity/expression, please contact the Office of Residential Life (269-337-7210 or when you submit your Entering Student Housing Application.  The sooner you contact us, the better able we will be to accommodate your needs. More campus resources for LGBTQAI+ students can be found at Resources for LGBTQAI+ Students.
  3. What is the size of the mattresses in the residence halls? Are mattress pads supplied?
    Mattresses in the residential system are 36 x 79.5, which are larger than standard sized mattresses and require extra long sheets. Students need to supply their own mattress pads, bed linens, and plastic mattress covers if they have allergies.
  4. Are there laundry facilities in the residence halls?
    Each residence hall has a laundry room for the residents of that specific hall and require the use of a laundry card. Important laundry information found here.
  5. Is there a refrigerator in the room? Can students bring refrigerators?
    Refrigerators are not provided in the rooms. Many students choose to buy their own refrigerators (the College does not sponsor any sort of rental service), but if you choose to do so, please be mindful that our policy states that refrigerators may not be more than 4.3 cubic feet. Often this is an area where roommates will decide to have one person bring the refrigerator, while another roommate provides something else for the room that both people can use.
  6. Are the rooms carpeted? Can students bring their own carpet?
    The residence hall rooms at Kalamazoo College have tiled floors. Students are allowed to bring carpet, and many students find good quality remnants at local stores when they move in. Students also sometimes choose not to purchase carpet, but bring smaller area rugs from home. Please keep in mind that the College does not allow the use of carpet tape, as it may damage the tile.
  7. Can I come in during the summer and see and/or measure my room?
    Since our residence halls are renovated or are utilized during the summer to house student employees, athletes and summer conferences, it is not possible for students to see and/or measure the rooms. The College does not keep specific room dimensions.
  8. What about telephones and long distance access?
    Each residence hall room is equipped with one telephone jack that may be activated upon request by going to the Information Services website.  There is no extra charge for students to have their room phone lines activated. In suites (Crissey and Severn) one phone jack may be activated per suite. The College does not supply telephones. Students must use their own calling card or cell phone to make long distance calls if they have their phone lines activated. Additional questions regarding telephone service can be directed to Information Services (269-337-5800).
  9. What should I bring with me?
    Here is a printable list of suggested items to bring to campus.
  10. What should I not bring?
    Prohibited items in the residence halls include: space heaters, waterbeds, hot plates, camp stoves, toasters, grills, George Foreman Grills, pets, street signs or any public signs, darts or a dart board, weapons of any kind, hookahs, candles, incense and wireless routers. Prohibited items are detailed in the Residential Policy page of this site.
  11. What type of computer access and computer support is provided in the residence halls?
    Each residence hall room is equipped with one Ethernet connection per student. All residence halls also offer wireless connection throughout the entire buildings. All Living Learning houses are wireless as well.  Find more information and recommendations here.
  12. Is cable TV provided in the rooms?
    Cable TV is available in all residence hall rooms (1 cable outlet per bedroom). Click here for the station line up. Also, there is one TV room in each residence hall. Questions about cable TV can be directed to Information Services (269-337-5800).
  13. Can I build a loft in my room? Does Kalamazoo College provide plans/blueprints for lofts?
    Students may build lofts in the three residence halls which have moveable furniture. Those include: DeWaters, Harmon and Trowbridge. Kalamazoo College does not have specific plans/blueprints for lofts, but requires that all lofts are free standing (not attached to the walls, ceiling, floor or furniture). Find the complete loft policy here. Students are responsible for any damage or injury caused by the construction of lofts. College furniture may not be removed from student rooms, so it is recommended that students incorporate their bed frames into the loft design. The College also does not keep specific room dimensions.
  14. When do the residence halls open/close? Can I stay between quarters? 
    During the academic year the residential system closes for both Winter Break in December and Spring Break in March.  This provides students with a much needed respite from campus to refresh and recharge, as well as a break for the Residential Life staff, and the opportunity for facilities projects to be completed in the residence halls. Only athletes, international students, students employed by the College at least 20 hours per week, and domestic students whose permanent home is more than 450 miles away (spring break only) may request to remain on campus during the residential system closures. Find more information hereFind the Residential Life calendar here.