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Residence Halls

Kalamazoo College requires all students to reside within the college's residential system and board at the college's dining center through their sophomore year.  Students will live in one of six residence halls or in one of the Living-Learning Housing Units (LLHUs).  All students living on campus eat at the central cafeteria in Hicks Center and are required to carry a meal plan through Dining Services, with the exception of those individuals living in the LLHUs or one of the campus apartments.  Students are offered both first-year and upperclass communities.  In the first-year halls, the focus is on assisting students in their transition to the College and making those important connections. The upperclass halls assist students in creating their own communities and continuing those connections.

All residence halls provide wireless internet access, basic cable access (i.e. stations that come free over the air), and have laundry rooms that are equipped with large capacity, front-loading washers and dryers.  More information about cable TV, including the current channel line-up, as well as how to use the laundry machine mobile app can be found on the right-hand side of this page.  

Each residence hall is staffed by Resident Assistants and a Senior Resident Assistant.  The student paraprofessional staff members report to an Area Coordinators, a full-time, professional staff member who lilves in residence.  In conjunction with residents from their building, the student staff members work together to plan a variety of programs for students living in the residence halls.

The students who reside in the Living Learning Housing Units appoint a liaison for each house to work with the Office of Residential Life on issues within the houses, as well as programming.  Students living in a LLHU pay an additional fee to sponsor programs for the residents of the house and members of the campus community.