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Off Campus Living

Statement of Philosophy about Campus Living
Kalamazoo College affirms the educational benefits inherent in the residential undergraduate experience. Residential living is supportive of one's academic preparation and plays an integral role in one's experiential education, providing rich opportunities for involvement and development. Therefore, Kalamazoo College requires that all students reside within the College's residential system and board at the College's dining center through winter quarter of their junior year (starting with the Fall 2017 entering class). Click here for the Kalamazoo College assignment policy in full.

Getting Started
So you've decided to move off campus! The idea of living on your own, with the ability to make your own rules is exciting, but with it comes a lot of added responsibilities.
Here are a few questions to think about before making the move:
Are you Ready?

Finding a Place

  • Questions to ask of your potential landlord
  • Questions to ask of previous tenants
  • Housing search resources
  • More information here

Signing your Lease and Moving in

Making the Most of your Off-Campus Experience

  • Stay Connected
  • Stay Safe
  • Maintain good relationships with your Landlord and roommates
  • More information here