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Housing and Board Policies

Kalamazoo College affirms the educational benefits inherent in the residential undergraduate experience.  Residential living is supportive of one's academic preparation and plays an integral role in one's experiential education, providing rich opportunities for involvement and development.  Therefore, Kalamazoo College requires all students to reside within the College's residential system and board at the College's dining center through their sophomore year. 

Kalamazoo College's Section 504 Coordinator and the Office of Disability Services will work with students who have special needs when completing housing assignments.  The College will provide accessible housing to students with disabilities.  You may contact the College's Section 504 Coordinator or the Office of Disability Services at (269) 337-7209 with questions or to request more information.

Air Conditioners
Assault and Abusive Behavior (found in the Student Code of Conduct, article III, number 3)
Drone/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Use on Campus
Fire Safety
Furniture Removal
Hall Sports/Throwing
Honor System
Housing and Board Requirements
Illegal Drug Use (found in the Student Code of Conduct, article III, number 12)
Missing Student Policy
Noise and Quiet Hours
Personal Property
Failure to Comply (found in the Student Code of Conduct, article III, number 8)
Pets, Service Animals, & Emotional Support Animals
Posting of Signs
Prohibited Items
Residents Rights and Responsibilities for Privacy and Security
Resolving Conflicts
Room Condition
Room Decorations and Alterations
Room Inspection and Searches
Roommate Conflicts
Sexual Misconduct
Termination of Contract
Terms of the College Room and Board Contract
Trash and Recycling
Vandalism and Theft (found in the Student Code of Conduct, article III, number 6)
Weapons, Firearms, Fireworks, and Explosives