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Alpha Lambda Delta Graduate Fellowship:  ALD members are eligible to apply for fellowships ranging from $3,000-$7,500 for graduate or professional study. Jan 31 deadline.

Austria USTA: Work in secondary schools as an English teaching assistant for one academic year. US Citizenship or Permanent Residency Required

Benjamin and Cherie Gubin Scholarship: Up to $2,000 to a graduate of a Kalamazoo County high school or who resided in Kalamazoo County during their high school senior year for graduate or professional school.

Boren Graduate Fellowship for International Study: Up to $30,000 for support of international experience or language study in select countries as part of your graduate studies.  Requires a Federal Government service obligation.  Deadline, mid January.  Apply through the CIPUSFlag

Bridgat Graduate Scholarship: One $6,500 scholarship for graduate study in the US or Canada will be awarded to a citizen of any Asian country based on academic achievement and cross-cultural leadership. Dec 31 deadline.

Challenge Detroit: Live and work in Detroit for one year. Address some of the challenges that face the community. $36,000 stipend plus benefits. March deadline.  USFlag

Clinton Fellowship for Service in India: Ten-month development service/fieldwork in India. Education, livelihoods, public health, and social enterprise placements. Feb deadline. USFlag IndiaFlag

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals: Fully funded year-long study/internship in Germany. German language preferred but not required. Dec 11 deadline. US Citizenship or Permanent Residency Required

Davies-Jackson Scholarship: Two years of study at the University of Cambridge (England) in select non-STEM fields for 1st gen students with exceptional academic records (3.7 min GPA). Late October/Early Nov deadline.

E4FC List—Graduate [pdf]: Educators for Fair Consideration's list of graduate scholarships and fellowships that do not require proof of US citizenship or permanent residency.

Emerson Fellowship: 11-month post-graduate fellowship split between Washington, DC and working with a community-based organization elsewhere in the United States. Fellows will work on anti-poverty and anti-hunger policy. Apply in the fall.

Environmental Stewardship Fellowship Grants: $400/week stipend for research projects of between 4 and 10 weeks duration. Proposals for research or service projects that advance the goals of the Center for Environmental Stewardship and the Kalamazoo College Sustainability and Climate Action Plan are preferred but any proposal related to sustainable practices on campus will be considered. Application deadline: Friday April 12, 2019 (end of week 2 of spring term).

France TAPIF: Seven-month English teaching assistantship. USFlag

Fulbright US Student Program: One-year of English teaching assistantship or study/research abroad. September campus deadline. Contact Jessica Fowle for more information.  USFlag

Gaither Junior Fellows Program: At the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is designed to provide a substantive work experience for students who have a serious career interest in the area of international affairs. They will be hired to work as employees at Carnegie in Washington, DC on a full-time basis for one year. Nov 5 campus deadline for essay submission. Contact Jessica Fowle for the application.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship: Covers the full cost of study at Cambridge University for up to three years. Mid October deadline.

German Chancellor Fellowship: One-year leadership training and mentored projects in Germany for citizens of Brazil, China, India, Russia or the USA.  Deadline, Sept 15.

Global Health Corps: One-year paid internships with existing organizations working to address global health inequities. All skills and backgrounds needed. Sept 28 deadline.

Hertz-Gates Fellowship: Provides PhD fellowships to individuals studying in the applied physical and biological sciences, mathematics, and engineering, at over 40 participating universities. Fall Deadline (Visit website for clarity).

Heyl Fellowship to Yale University [pdf]:  Tuition, health insurance and stipend for PhD programs in chemistry or chemistry-related disciplines at Yale University. Renewable for up to four years.  Any K college graduate within the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division is eligible.

Humanity in Action Fellowship: As a part of the year-long Fellowship, Humanity in Action brings together international groups of current college and university students and recent graduates to explore compelling, current issues of liberal democracy, pluralism, human rights and social justice within the specific historical and cultural contexts of each of the program sites. Intensive and demanding, the on-site programs are an educational space for transatlantic dialogue, reflection and informed action. The Action Projects that Fellows implement in the second phase of their Fellowship experience promote democratic values in their own communities.

IIE Directory of Study Abroad Funding: Institute of International Education's searchable database of funding for international internships, scholarships, grants and fellowships. USFlag

Japan JET: Work for one year as an Assistant Language Teacher, Coordinator for International Relations (work in communities on international exchange projects) or Sports Exchange Advisor (promote cultural exchange through sports).

Knight-Hennessy Scholars: Offers full funding to pursue any graduate degree at Stanford University. This includes the JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MS, and PhD programs, as well as all joint- and dual-degrees. Open to all students; citizens and non-citizens. (Visit website for deadlines).

Korea EPIK: One-year teaching assistantship in Korea. You must be a citizen of a primarily English-speaking country (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States or South Africa).

Korean Government Scholarship Program: Three years of study at a Korean institution of higher education.

Luce Scholars Program: A nationally competitive fellowship program to enhance understanding of Asia among potential leaders in American society. The program provides stipends, language training, and individualized professional placement in Asia for 15-18 Luce Scholars each year, and welcomes applications from college seniors, graduate students, and young professionals in a variety of fields who have had limited exposure to Asia. Those who already have significant experience in Asia or Asian studies are not eligible for the Luce Scholars Program. Open to both U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Campus application deadline is October 14, 2019. Applications will be reviewed on campus and up to two applications will be sent to the Luce Foundation for consideration by the national deadline of November 1. For more information, contact Jessica Fowle.

Madison Fellowships: For students planning to teach secondary school in American history, American government or social studies. USFlag

Marshall Scholarship: For study at any of a number of UK universities. September 10 campus deadline. USFlag

Mitchell Scholarship: For one year of graduate study in any Ireland or Northern Ireland university.  Includes travel, tuition, housing and stipend.  Sept 10 campus deadline. USFlag

NAFA List [pdf]: National Association of Fellowships Advisors' list of scholarships and fellowships open to international students.

National Association of Social Workers: Fellowships for MSW candidates.

National Health Service Corps Scholarships: US Dept of Health and Human Services scholarships for health professions (MD, DO, DDS, PA).  Minimum two-year service obligation. May 15 deadline. USFlag

National Science Foundation Fellowship: Three-year graduate research fellowships in science, mathematics, engineering, and social sciences. USFlag

Niles Donovan Scholarship: A minimum $1,000 award to a Kalamazoo or St. Joseph County resident or graduate of a high school within Kalamazoo or St. Joseph County to attend the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine.

NPR Kroc Fellowship: One-year paid internship with an NPR member station that offers rigorous, hands-on training on every aspect of public radio journalism. December 31 deadline.

NURSE Corps Scholarship Program: US Dept of Health and Human Services Nursing scholarships for any level of nursing program.  Minimum two-year service obligation. May 22 deadline. USFlag

Payne International Development Fellowship: Provides up to $90,000 support and professional development opportunities for graduate students planning careers in the Foreign Service. Dec 21 deadline. USFlag

Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship: For students planning careers in the US Foreign Service. Two years of support, State Department summer internships and professional development and mentoring. Sept 20 deadline.USFlag

Princeton Fellowships: One-year fellowships for service oriented work in Asia, Africa or Latin America.

Project Horseshoe Farm: Horseshoe Farm is bringing additional relationship-based support as part of an integrated new approach to community health. We do this through a pioneering paid “gap year” Fellowship which is mobilizing a generation of top recent college graduates who stand ready and eager to offer extra needed local support to health systems, schools, and community organizations as they learn to become leaders in community health.

Rangel International Affairs Fellowship: For students entering a two-year graduate program in areas relevant to the work of the Foreign Service.  Sept 17 deadline. USFlag

Rhodes Scholarship: Two to three year fellowships for study at Oxford University.  Highly prestigious and competitive. USFlag International students from select countries may apply through a separate country-specific competition having different deadlines and are not eligible to apply through the US competition.

Rudolph Light Medical Education Scholarship:  Up to a $2,500 award to students who were permanent residents of Kalamazoo County while attending high school or who are graduates of a Kalamazoo County high school who are applying to or have been admitted to a dental or medical school.

Schwarzman Scholars Program: One year Master's Degree in public policy, economics and business or international studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Check website for deadlines.

Sherman Fairchild Summer Research Grant: $4,000 stipend plus $1,500 for housing/supply funds/conference travel. Research must be in biology, chemistry, or physics. Application deadline: Friday April 12, 2019 (end of week 2 of spring term).

Soros Fellowship for New Americans: Two years of support for any graduate or advanced degree program for "New Americans" (naturalized citizens, permanent residents, DACA recipients, child of naturalized citizens, foreign born adoptee of American citizens). Nov 1 deadline.

Spain Language and Culture Assistants: One academic year (10 months) in Spain. US Citizenship or Permanent Residency Required Maple Leaf

Stetson Fellowship [pdf]:  For a Kalamazoo College graduate to pursue graduate work at Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago or a European University.  Approximately $1,000.  Direct inquiries to Jessica Fowle.

Taiwan HESS: Teach English in Taiwan with training support during the first year. Pay is hourly and yearly contracts are renewable.

Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship: Open to biology and chemistry majors of all levels, including seniors heading to graduate school.   August 1 deadline.

Tylenol Future Care Scholarship: For students in healthcare related fields including human medicine, dentistry, nursing, public health. June 30 deadline. USFlag

Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships: Includes enrollment in a master's degree program, preparation for teacher certification in STEM, placement in a high-need high school in Indiana, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio or New Jersey.  STEM majors are eligible. October, November and January deadlines. USFlag