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Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Center for Civic Engagement

“Service-Learning was one of the most influential aspects of my education while I was at K. I think it is hard to distinguish how something that influential has shaped my life because it is part of the fabric of who I am, how I think and how I approach the world.” – Nathania Dallas, K’09 


Welcome to the Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Center for Civic Engagement (CCE)!

The response to the ongoing outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa reveals much about matters human and humane. These matters include fear and courage, stigmatization, power, poverty, inequity, cross cultural acumen, individual and collective responsibility, infrastructure, response time, the role of global citizens, and blindness (willful or otherwise) to the extent of human interdependence. Several such matters will be the subject of a symposium that will occur at Kalamazoo College on Friday and Saturday, January 30 and 31. The symposium is titled “Ebola in Perspective: Our Roles as Global Citizens,” and all events are free and open to the public (RSVP to Jax Lee Gardner, 269.337.7053). The Friday night keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Alhaji Njai. It will occur at 7 p.m. in the Mandelle Hall Olmsted Room. Njai is a research scientist with the Global Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs division of Proctor and Gamble, Inc., and a research fellow in pathological sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He broadcasts a weekly radio program to his native Sierra Leone that discusses issues around public health, science, and development.

Topics of the Saturday symposium (which will occur in the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) will be, among others, the history of the Ebola virus, public health systems and policy implications, the biology of the virus, prediction and control models of the outbreak, social justice implications, and our roles as global citizens. Presenters include epidemiologists, public health experts, medical anthropologists, and disease spread pattern analysts.

Sponsors of the Symposium include The Department of African Studies, the Provost’s Office, the Center for Civic Engagement, the concentration in Community and Global Health, and the ACSJL.

Affirming the central goals of the College, the CCE engages students, faculty, and community members in sustained partnerships that foster collaborative learning and civic participation in a diverse, democratic society. By forging a link between critical civic engagement and learning, the CCE  works to strengthen the community, invigorate the educational experience, and promote students’ informed and ethical engagement to build a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

Get Involved

The CCE has Federal Work Study (FWS) Eligible positions available NOW!


Applying to open positions with the CCE is easy! Simply log in to K-Connect at the link below, and fill out an application:

K-Connect Log-In


The following partnerships offer paid opportunities for students interested in being involved with the greater Kalamazoo Community through the CCE:

For more details regarding the programs listed above, interested students may contact our Civic Engagement Scholars (CESs).


Full-time Kalamazoo College students –including matriculating international students -- who wish to work in CCE service-learning  programs may be paid (minimum wage)  IF:

  • They qualify for “work study.”  The Financial Aid office makes these determinations; see link above to contact them.
  • The CCE partnership they want to work with has a work study contract with Kalamazoo College (see program list above)
  • They are willing to commit for at least one quarter, at least three hours per week
  • They apply and are selected for the program based on skills, knowledge and /or previous experience, schedule, and clean criminal background check. 
  • They act in a  timely fashion to apply.

Of course, volunteers are always welcome!

CES Retreat

2014-2015 CESs and CCE Staff at Gull Lake Ministries for our Annual Retreat

First-year students

First-year students interested in working with the CCE, can start here to find out more information on getting started. Your CESs are also great resources, so feel free to shoot them an email as well.

Our Programs

About two thirds of Kalamazoo College students work in the community every year, most through service-learning courses.

Through our co-curricular programs, students can earn minimum wage through federal work-study, or work as “volunteers” committing at least two hours per week throughout the term.  These co-curricular programs are coordinated (and frequently designed) by Civic Engagement Scholars (CESs), “K” student leaders,  who hold Underwood Stryker CCE Civic Engagement Scholarships.

Have (Even More) Questions?

Have additional questions? Curious about something not covered on the webpage? If so, feel free to contact Sashae Mitchell, Post-Baccalaureate Fellow for the CCE.