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Kalamazoo College

Office of Student Involvement

Launch into Leadership

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Join us on the adventure of the year as we launch you onto a pathway to leadership success in our inaugural emerging leadership retreat: Launch into Leadership. This one night, two day program will provide students the opportunity to:

  1. Understand and practice of basic leadership concepts.
  2. Connect with current leaders on campus.
  3. Discover “pathways to leadership” at K.

The retreat is scheduled for Friday and Saturday of the first week of the winter term (Jan. 12 & 13). We will meet at 4:00pm on Friday January 12 on campus, and then travel to Sherman Lake Retreat Center to stay overnight, and arrive back to campus in the evening on Saturday January 13.

All students are welcome to apply. However, priority will be given to those who have yet to find a leadership position on campus and limited spots are available. Click here to apply now! The application will close on January 10th.

Session topics include:

  1. Self-Awareness & Integrity: how to identify identities, passions, abilities, preferences and limitations and defining/practicing personal ethics/morals.
  2. Respect & Cultural Humility: how to be honest with yourself and others about personal limitations and biases and learning to be open to challenging your beliefs and perspectives.
  3. Organization & Accountability: best practices and tools for event/program/group planning and lessons on how to follow-through and encourage others to do the same.
  4. Confidence in Conflict Mediation: building confidence around addressing conflict and best practices for group/individual mediation.
  5. Mentoring & Decision-Making: how to be an effective leader, advocate, and role model and discussion about group decision-making practices and the impact of individual decisions on others.
  6. Professional Skills: professional correspondence, budget management, and other skills to help you succeed in a professional setting.
  7. Questioning and Resiliency: how to question, inform, and navigate systems, practices, and policies and learning to accept failure.

Program Itinerary

Friday January 12

4:00pm           Meet and Greet in the Banquet Hall of Hicks Center

6:30pm           Depart for Sherman Lake

Saturday January 13

8:30am           Breakfast and Yoga

9:30am           Sessions

12:30pm         Lunch

1:30pm           Sessions

6:00pm           Dinner

7:00pm           Depart for campus


Mission Control AKA "Houston":

Sara Bamrick (Student Activites)

Jory Horner (Outdoor Programs)

Sara Stockwood (Outdoor Programs)

Emily Kowey (Civic Engagement)

Justin Danzy (Arcus Center)


Launch Team (session leaders):

Alejandro Jaramillo (SR)

Alex Cadigan (JR)

Elioenai Quinones (S0)

Emilio Jerez (SR)

JayLashay Young (JR)

Maya Gurfinkel (SO)

Natalie Thompson (JR)

Tony Wang (JR)


Flight Crew (leadership mentors):

Ellie Grossman (SR)

Guillermo Dominquez (SR)

Ian Freshwater (JR)

Lee Carter (SR)

Miranda Flores-Tirado (SO)

Neelam Lal (SO)

Ravi Nair (SO)

Sharat Kamath (JR)

Yasi Shaker (SO)


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