Student Funding Board

Important Information

The Budget Request Form for 2017/2018 is available TBD.


The Office Coordinator’s drop-in office hours for fall 2018 are:



What is the Student Funding Board?

SFB is a student-run board responsible for allocating a portion of the Student Activity Fund to registered student organizations. The Board meets weekly on Sundays at 7:00pm, and is composed of 7 voting Representatives and an Office Coordinator.


How does my student organization apply for funding through SFB?

There are two ways for registered student organizations to receive funding. Please note that funding cannot be approved retroactively; you must receive an allocation receipt from SFB before making any purchases.


  1. Supplies & Development
    • Each registered student organization may request up to $500 per year of supplies & development (S&D) funding. As with standard requests, you must submit an separate, itemized budget request each time you need supplies/event funding. S&D requests can be approved by the Office Coordinator, and do not need to be voted on by the full Board.
    • Supplies & development funding can be used for:
      1. Supplies to be shared by entire organization (e.g. soil and trowels for a gardening project)
      2. Trainings and in-organization educational events (e.g. a safety instruction class for an athletic student organization)
      3. Small-scale events (e.g. s’mores supplies for a bonfire)
    • Supplies & development funding cannot be used for:
      1. Uniforms (including t-shirts) - unless as a supplement to an approved request
      2. Overnight off-campus travel - unless as a supplement to an approved request


  1. Standard Request
    • For all other requests – except for t-shirts and off-campus overnight travel, which have their own special funding sessions in the fall  – funding requests are voted on by the full Board at SFB’s weekly meetings, which take place every Sunday at 7:00PM. Requests must be received by Friday at 5:00PM to be considered at that week’s meeting. You must familiarize yourself with and follow all College deadlines and procedures. If approved, you will receive your allocation receipt no later than the following Monday at 5:00pm.


For both supplies & development and standard requests, you must fill out a Budget Request Form.


Important Deadlines and Procedures

In accordance with College policy, certain events and travel require advance notice. SFB budget requests will be immediately rejected if they do not fall within the timelines outlined below.

4 weeks prior:

  • Travel outside 50 miles

3 weeks prior:

  • Catering through the college
  • Outside performers, speakers, artists, etc.
  • Security presence

2 weeks prior:

  • College vehicle travel within 50 miles

For requests that involve travel or hiring outside performers/speakers/artists, you must contact OSI immediately after SFB approval to prepare contract. If OSI is not notified in a timely manner, SFB funding will be revoked.