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Tips for Success

  1. Tape lectures and discussions so you have access to the delivered information when you are studying.
  2. Use the tape of a lecture to make your class notes accurate and more complete.
  3. Study to learn the material and relate it to other learning rather than just to pass a test.
  4. Learn how to use short time-blocks during the day to advantage instead of just wasting them.
  5. Learn an effective note-taking strategy.
  6. Learn an active reading strategy.
  7. Use a planning calendar.
  • Write in class times, meal times, rehearsals and practices, required programs, etc.
  • Write in deadlines for each course assignment on the dates they are due.
  • Working back from the deadline, note a starting time for each phase of the project, i.e., prepare the final draft, write the first draft, go to library to get resources, etc.
  • Write in regular study times throughout a week (and stick to them).
  • Make a list of tasks that must be completed on a given day.
  • Each morning review the appointments, deadlines, and tasks that must be completed that day. Plan the day accordingly.