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Assistive Technologies

Kalamazoo College uses several assistive technologies to help disabled students and staff access resources in classrooms and in the Library.

Resources for the Visually Impaired:

  • There are two Optelec Clear View 300 document stations for the enlargement of text. One is located in the Upjohn Library (temporarily in Hicks Center) and second can be relocated to any building on campus where a student may have classes.  
  • There are document cameras from Sony and Elmo that attach to 27-inch monitors for laboratory experiments. This allows a student to zoom in or out on an object and focus to their liking.

Resources for the Hearing Impaired:

  • There is a Telex personal wireless receiver system available for classroom use. With this sytem, a faculty member uses a microphone with an AA2T2 transmitter and the student wears an adjustable AAR1 receiver. This helps overcome background noise and amplifies the faculty member's voice for the student.  
  • All television monitors mounted in classrooms have closed captioning capabilities.