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Writing Consultants

Aliera Morasch
Aliera D. Morasch

Aliera is a senior English and International Area Studies double major with a Spanish minor. She is from Portland, OR (there are lots of beautiful mountains and it rains a lot) and had the opportunity to study abroad in Ecuador last year, where she swam with sea turtles and had soup with every meal. She enjoys working on papers of any genre in any stage of the writing process, but has a lot of fun looking at structure and finding the best organization for a piece. She speaks English and Spanish and loves to drink coffee and eat apple pie. Come visit!

Ben Dunham
Benjamin S. Dunham
Phone: 2693375922

Ben is a sophomore from Kalamazoo who plans to major in computer science and math. His area of expertise is technical writing, especially lab reports and research papers. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar, reading, and playing video games. Despite being a technology nerd, he is more than happy to help with all kinds of writing at any stage in the writing process.

Carmen Torrado-Gonzalez
Carmen A. Torrado-Gonzalez

Carmen is a junior English Major potentially furthering her wish to complete a concentration in Media Studies. Carmen’s place of origin is located in central New York, situated in a place most refer to as Ithaca. Carmen has a passion for poetry and words. Carmen speaks Danish, a language rarely used in her everyday life. Carmen enjoys backpacking and living a simple life. Carmen exudes a smart and kind personality, and she is always up for working with students engaging with the act known as writing. No matter where you are along your journey of writing, Carmen is happy to help you out!

Claire Howland
Claire E. Howland

Claire is a sophomore who hails from the beautiful state of Minnesota. She hopes to eventually become a high school science teacher; while at K she plans on majoring in biology while also taking as many philosophy and art courses as she can. Claire’s hobbies include running, speaking in puns, talking about Minnesota, and reading any book she can get her hands on. She’d love to talk with you about your writing project, and especially enjoys discussing the brainstorming process.

Elise Houcek
Elise R. Houcek

Elise is a sophomore from the suburbs of Chicago who is passionate about writing, old people, and all things Egypt. She plans to major in History and Religion but feels very comfortable working with students on all types of writing, from poetry and short stories to philosophy essays. Recently, she has become addicted to skydiving.

Elizabeth Lenning
Elizabeth A. Lenning

Elizabeth is a senior majoring in both Biology and Chemistry. She is from Schoolcraft, which is about 20 minutes away if you drive south on US 131. Schoolcraft is actually a village surrounded by cornfields. The area is one mile squared. Elizabeth divides her time equally between the Dow Science Center, where she spends her time TAing and taking classes, and the Upjohn Library Commons, where she spends her time studying and working at the circulation desk and writing center. Elizabeth enjoys the outdoors, particularly while hiking and canoeing, as well as having a dry sense of humor. She spent a semester at The Philadelphia Center in Philadelphia (obviously) while interning and teaching 7th grade students at Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia. Recently, she returned from Santa Fe, New Mexico teaching high school students at Breakthrough Santa Fe (ask her to demonstrate her teacher stare). She loves working with students at the Writing Center and often eases clients’ worries with mildly funny jokes. Her plans include teaching high school science, most likely in the Southwestern portion of the United States. Additionally, she can’t figure out if this sounds more like a dating ad, an author’s biography in the back of a book, or the part of the high school yearbook where seniors write their “dreams”.

Emma Peters
Emma H. Peters

Emma is a sophomore who hopes to major in English and ANSO. She’s taken five years of Latin throughout high school and college, and likes to spend her free time reading fantasy novels and watching The West Wing on Netflix. Her special talent is being a whizz at the trivia show Jeopardy!. She’d love to consult you on any writing projects you have, from analytical essays to creative short stories to overwhelming research papers. Update: She has yet to return the Ring to Mordor, but she won’t stop trying.

Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia
Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia

Guillermo is an international student from Madrid, Spain. This will be his second year at K and he is planning on majoring in philosophy and economics. Apparently they ask for a math minor in most graduate schools so he might do that if he isn’t too scared. Guillermo was born in Madrid but he then lived in Beijing, Bangkok, and Johannesburg. He also forms part of the Kalamazoo Men’s Tennis Team and is looking forward to win the conference again this year. Last summer, he worked at the Embassy of Spain in Washington D.C. where he had the chance to write letters to Obama and the King of Spain! Last but not least, Guillermo is very excited to work with you, particularly with philosophy material or any type of research papers as well as cover letters at any stage of the writing process.

Marlisa Pennington
Marlisa K. Pennington
Phone: 2693375954

Marlisa is a junior getting a Math and Physics double major. She is a returning writing center consultant (because she didn’t go on study abroad) who spent the summer working and traveling. She rings bells in the chapel and spends most of her time thinking about physics. Since she’s so into math, she does not take a lot of writing classes, which means she has to enjoy the craft of writing vicariously through the students she helps.

Mike Anderson
Michael J. Anderson

Mike Anderson is an extreme butterfly enthusiast. He loves them and he loves the outdoors. But not as much as he loves being a senior at Kalamazoo College, studying English, and being a good friend. Mike hails from Fenton, Michigan, a small agricultural town with an ever growing cow population. Equipped with a sharp mind and friendly face, Mike is ready to help you with all your writing needs. Need to brainstorm ideas? Mike has ideas, and questions to help guide you on your own path of discovery!

Mireya Guzman-Ortiz
Mireya Guzman-Ortiz

Mireya is a junior from Oregon who spends their time doing things. Things such as making little mini-documentaries, thinking about avocados, working at the Arcus Center, trying to take decent pictures, freaking out about dogs, and doing M.E.Ch.A. and QTPOCC things. Mireya hopes to major in Critical Ethnic Studies, minor in German, and get a Media Studies concentration (in which they hope they could major in, too). Mireya enjoys talking to people at any stage in the writing process—from looking at a prompt for the first time, to the last minute (sometimes teary) rush to get a paper done that was due yesterday (please try not to do this one!!).

Nora Harris
Nora J. Harris

Nora Harris is a senior English major with a Psychology minor from Oak Park, IL. Last year, she studied abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica where she lounged on very pretty beaches, perfected the art of bus travel and became almost fluent – but not quite – in Spanish. In her spare time, she enjoys talking about character development, listening to music of all kinds (new, old, strange, sweet, etc.), and practicing her Spanish.

Rosie Nocita
Rosemarie E. Nocita

Rosie Nocita is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She plans to major in Biology with a minor in English and a concentration in Environmental Studies. Rosie can be found rock climbing, making bottlecap curtains, and studying birds when she is not learning languages. Brainstorming is her favorite part of the writing process, and she is happy to talk about anything from poetry to lab reports.

Sarah Wallace
Sarah L. Wallace

Sarah Wallace is a senior from Hartland, Michigan. She has always admired the French language but now, after study abroad, she likes the language equally to English. As a writing center consultant, she enjoys learning about the various different subjects she encounters during the consultation process. She is an inquisitive listener, and her goal is simply to help people transfer their many thoughts concisely to paper form. Besides this, she enjoys climbing trees and meditating. Oh, and lastly, she is a Psychology and French double major.

Amy Newday
Amy Newday
Phone: 269-337-7381

Amy Newday is a poet, farmer, professor, and the Director of the Kalamazoo College Writing Center. She’d love to talk with you about your writing or about techniques for hand-pollinating heirloom squash varieties. Make an appointment or stop in and see her on Wednesday afternoons between 3:30pm-5pm.