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Kalamazoo College

Writing Consultants

Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia
Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia

Guillermo is a senior philosophy and economics major. While he was born in Madrid, Spain, he grew up in China, Thailand, and South Africa. He is fluent in Mandarin, French, Spanish, and English, and loves to talk to other multilingual speakers. Additionally, Guillermo is passionate about tennis and plays on the Kalamazoo College Men’s Tennis Team where he hopes to win more MIAA conference championships. In his free time…never mind, there is no free time at K! But he would love to work with you on history, philosophy, or economics papers at any stage of the writing process.

Amy Newday
Amy Newday
Phone: 269-337-7381

Amy Newday is a poet, farmer, professor, and the Director of the Kalamazoo College Writing Center. She’d love to talk with you about your writing or about techniques for hand-pollinating heirloom squash varieties. Make an appointment or drop in to see her during her Writing Center open hours.

Vikram Surendran
Vikram R. Surendran

Vikram is a sophomore who is studying Psychology and Japanese. He was born in Chicago but currently lives in Rochester Hills in metro Detroit. Vikram plans on becoming a psychiatrist after finishing school. Besides studying, Vikram enjoys watching horror films and anime. He is in KDesi, APISA, and is involved with the Interfaith Student Organization on campus. In his free time, Vikram enjoys playing the violin and listening to Korean pop music. Essay writing is Vikram's favorite type of text to write, but he is willing to help any student with any sort of assignment. You could most likely spot Vikram on campus by his large red headphones or his Pikachu hat, and you can always feel free to approach him and introduce yourself!

Addie Dancer
Adelaine R. Dancer

Addie is a sophomore here at K hoping to double major in English and history as well as complete a media studies concentration. Though she is most interested in topics pertaining to the humanities, she is always down to learn about other subjects and would happily read your works - anything from 10-page lab reports to 10-line poems! On her own, Addie is all about experimenting with different kinds of writing and has dabbled in both fiction and nonfiction as well as journalism. With her fellow writers, she likes to help out with the brainstorming process by getting ideas down on paper as well as fine-tuning works that are already written. In addition to working at the writing center, she is the news editor for The Index, a fiction editor at The Cauldron, and an office assistant to the history, economics/business, and anthropology/sociology departments here at K. In her free time, Addie is all about consuming media; she enjoys watching mob movies, playing video games, reading Jane Austen novels, and binging on Netflix series like Mad Men and Parks and Recreation.

Delaney Fordell
Delaney Q. Fordell

Delaney has travelled through life with an overactive imagination that has spurred her to become an English major and Psychology minor. After having studied abroad last year in Strasbourg, France, Delaney is coming into this final year at K also as a Civic Engagement Scholar working with Woodward Elementary School, a Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Index, and a vivid dreamer of French pastries. Her love of writing is in the vast field of creativity called fiction, which is also the genre she is working under for her series of short stories that will end in her SIP. She views everything as a story and hopes to one day become a published storyteller. As a writing consultant, Delaney hopes to help people with all kinds of pieces of writing and is excited to get a glimpse of a lab report. In particular, she likes working with creative writing, essays, and research papers.

Elise Houcek
Elise R. Houcek

Elise is a senior English Creative Writing and Religion double major from Lake Forest, IL. She is excited about returning to the Writing Center this year after studying abroad in Aberdeen, Scotland, where she traipsed through castles, fell in love, and was a guest at a pirate-themed wedding. In Kalamazoo, after a long day of classes, she comes home to her fish, Blue, and her plant, Bro, both of whom she loves dearly. In her spare time, you may find her in the hills of Virginia, dancing with strangers to Bluegrass music on a patchwork blanket, or just beyond the Library, walking poet Diane Seuss’ perfectly-proportioned-for-cuteness dog, Bear.

Paige Chung
Paige H. Chung
Phone: 2693377582

Paige Chung is a sassy sophomore who is considering double majoring in Anthropology/Sociology & English. From the best coast (WEST COAST), Paige is a Vietnamese-American, Queer, Womxn of Color and first generation scholar. Growing up, she spoke broken Spanish with locals Angelinos and Vietnamese with her Ba Gnoai. Later, she learned to speak German in high school. Her favorite things to write include critical essays about -isms especially racial politics, pretentious poetry, and funny text messages. Paige enjoys helping people brainstorm ideas, and create outlines (it gets her more hyped than drinking bubble tea). In her free time, you can find her taking long walks on the beach, playing basketball or trying a new taco truck!

Jasmine Khin
Khin Oo Khin

Jasmine is a senior Philosophy and English double major who likes having sprightly conversations about all things philosophy and art. She was born in Myanmar and lived in Singapore before coming here after fancying herself as some kind of literary vagabond. She loves deciphering theory and would love to read your hastily sewn scraps of a research paper. Come see her at her most sociable at the writing center.


Caryn Hannapel
Caryn K. Hannapel

Caryn is a sophomore at Kalamazoo College from Middleville, Michigan. She is planning to major in Economics and minor in Political Science. Caryn lives on Gun Lake and loves to surf, wakeboard, and play water volleyball whenever she can. Hiking, hanging out with friends, and playing with her dog are some of the things she does in her free time. Caryn tends to write primarily for academic purposes, but she also enjoys journaling on her own. If you need help with organization, brainstorming, or are having trouble making connections between ideas, stop by and see Caryn in the Writing Center!

Kate Liska
Kate E. Liska

Kate is a senior from northern Michigan majoring in English and Critical Ethnic Studies. She is also a barista at the Book Club and a co-editor for this year's publication of the Cauldron. She has also volunteered as a Peer Leader on campus and has worked with Girls on the Run of Greater Kalamazoo as a coach and intern. Kate enjoys reading just about anything, but has a particular love for American epic fiction. She's currently completing her SIP, which is an investigative memoir about Hamtramck, Michigan. This year, she's most excited to help peers interpret prompts and find creative, personalized ways to tackle writing assignments, and having been a TA in writing classes, she is especially looking forward to both reading creative work and learning about writing standards in departments other than English. Outside of the Writing Center, you can find her grimacing at her laptop over a cup of coffee, learning how to needlepoint on YouTube.

Rosie Nocita
Rosemarie E. Nocita

Rosie is a senior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She plans to major in Biology, minor in English, and concentrate in Environmental Studies. Her favorite places include the Adirondacks, Hogwarts, and Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she studied abroad last year. You can usually find her at the climbing gym or traipsing through mud to identify plants. Rosie would particularly love to help you with brainstorming for creative pieces or discussing ecological musings. Please don’t be shy to visit her at the Writing Center at any stage in your writing process, with anything from lab reports and professional writing to putting the final polish on your daily journal entry!

Emma Peters
Emma H. Peters

Emma is a senior creative writing major and the assistant director of the Writing Center. She's taken seven years of Latin throughout high school and college, and likes to spend her free time reading fantasy novels and watching The West Wing on Netflix. Her special talent is being a whizz at the trivia show Jeopardy!. She'd love to consult you on any writing projects you have, from analyical essays to creative short stories to overwhelming research papers. Update: She has yet to return the Ring to Mordor, but she won't stop trying.