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Writing Consultants

Amy Newday
Amy Newday
Phone: 269-337-7381

Amy Newday is a poet, farmer, professor, and the Director of the Kalamazoo College Writing Center. She’d love to talk with you about your writing or about techniques for hand-pollinating heirloom squash varieties. Make an appointment or drop in to see her during her Writing Center open hours.

WC Consultant
Angelica Rodriguez

Angelica is a senior from Los Angeles, California double majoring in Biology and Critical Ethnic Studies on a pre-med track. Some of her hobbies include drawing, listening to music, writing for fun, and traveling after she studied abroad in Budapest, Hungary. You can often find her constantly getting her life together in the library, trying to pet a squirrel, or getting ice cream. Angelica hopes you are not intimidated by her “below five feet” stature and come visit the Writing Center, even if it’s just to say hi! She can help you with a wide variety of writing ranging from scientific papers to Spanish essays, so don't hesitate to ask! This year she will serve as Assistant Co-Director of the Writing Center. Her goal for the future is to become a pediatrician and hopefully not blend in with her patients.

WC Consultant
Ayla M. Hull

Ayla Hull is a senior from New Lebanon, NY - a town where the trees outnumber the people. Somehow she found Kalamazoo, despite New Yorkers' insistence that it must be a fictional place. In her free time, she loves playing music, running, spending time with friends, and meeting new people. As a German-American, she loves learning about different languages and is happy to help you in both English and German. She majors in Anthropology and Sociology. This year, she serves as Assistant Co-Director of the Writing Center. Stop in and say hi!

Paige Chung
Paige H. Chung
Phone: 2693377463

They are a junior from the best coast (WEST COAST) with a double major in Critical Ethnic Studies and English. She studied abroad in Kalamazoo Michigan and enjoys to empower people in creating outlines and brainstorming ideas (it gets her more hyped than drinking boba). She speaks four languages brokenly: English, Spanish, German, and Vietnamese. In her free time, you can catch her taking long walks on the beach, listening to hip-hop, or riding the bus to her favorite taco truck!

WC Consultant
Paige E. Tobin

Paige Tobin is a born-n-raised Michigander, hailing from the city of Battle Creek, the Cereal Capital of the World. Paige does not like cereal. This year, Paige is entering into her fourth year at Kalamazoo College as an Anthropology/Sociology and Critical Ethnic Studies major. Some of her hobbies include playing Ultimate Frisbee, hanging out with good friends, traveling, cooking, reading, and of course, writing! Feel free to stop by and chat with Paige about any questions you have regarding your reading materials from class, any and all kinds of writing projects, or just to talk about life. Paige is also proficient in Spanish, and can help you in that language, too!

Peace, Love and Blessins’

WC Consultant
Kit T. Charlton

Kit is a sophomore English major at K, but he also loves studying art, history, and philosophy! He is from Berkley, Michigan and spends his free time watching movies, baking (and eating) breads of all kinds, and walking the trails at the Arboretum with friends. He is a member of the Just Food Collective, lives in the EcoJustice Living Learning House, and is active in the Outdoor Programs. His favorite kind of writing is analytical, though he has a soft spot for creative writing, especially the personal essay. Kit is excited to help you out with brainstorming, drafting, revising, or even working through a tough reading!

WC Consultant
Emma P. Theiss

Emma is a sophomore, and a prospective English and Spanish double major. Her hometown is Ann Arbor, and she is a huge U of M fan. As the features editor for the Index, she loves talking to anyone interested in journalism! She likes to spend her free time watching cheesy sitcoms like the Office and Parks and Rec, as well as traveling to new places, especially outside of the U.S. She also loves music, ranging from show tunes to rap, although she despises country. Come see her at any stage of the writing process, she’s more than happy to help with anything from an initial brainstorm to final touches. A lover of language, Emma cannot wait to work with other students to grow as writers this school year. 

WC Consultant
Kobe J. Gementiza

Kobe is a sophomore who just loves to have a good time! He was born in Westland, Michigan but was raised in Windsor, Ontario in the lovely country of Canada. He currently aspires to be a Psychology and Anthropology & Sociology double major with a minor in Japanese. After graduating, he would like to work in the fashion industry. He loves to converse about English, Psychology, Anthropology, Biology, and Chemistry. Additionally, Kobe enjoys helping students at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to analyzing body paragraphs. His hobbies include playing Pokémon, catching up with the latest fashion trends, appreciating aesthetics, and listening & composing to music (his favorite topic to talk about!). Kobe loves making friends and is very amiable, so if you see him, say hello if you would like!

WC Consultant
Amelia K. Donohoe

Amelia is a senior English and History double major from Grand Haven, Michigan. She lives in a space full of antiques she’s squirrelled away over the years and is enthusiastic about funky secondhand clothes. After studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador, she is eager to keep practicing her Spanish and has continued to feed her love of travel. She listens to anything from Simon and Garfunkel to Dr. Dre and loves being outdoors—especially near water of any kind. As Opinions Editor for the Index, she has continued to push herself out of her comfort zone and into new styles of writing. Amelia finds language endlessly exciting and can’t wait to talk with you about your work!

WC Consultant
Sophia Goebel

Sophia is a sophomore from Ypsilanti, Michigan and is planning on majoring in Political Science and Critical Ethnic Studies. She also plays volleyball here at K and is engaged with Eco-justice work around campus. Though narrative nonfiction holds a special place in her writing heart, Sophia likes to get down with many kinds of academic, analytical, and personal pieces. Outside of the Writing Center, she pretends she has time to read novels and dreams of being able to create her own energy from sunlight.

WC Consultant
Reagan F. Shapton

Reagan is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, Michigan who hopes to double major in Spanish and Political Science with a concentration in Community and Global Health. She’s taken Spanish throughout high school and has continued taking classes at Kalamazoo college. Studying abroad in a Spanish-Speaking country is something Reagan foresees in her Junior year. Reagan enjoys coaching for the Swim For Success program and was a competitive swimmer and water polo player. She also has severe food allergies to dairy, eggs, and nuts and enjoys experimenting with vegan cooking and baking on her free time. She also listens to This American Life, Serial, and other podcasts as well as watching Parts Unknown and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. She loves to write in her journal and read a variety of book genres. She strives to find new ways to improve her own writing process and hopes she is helpful to students who come into the Writing Center. Feel free to say hello to Reagan outside of the Writing Center. She is excited to get to know new faces on campus!

WC Consultant
Jad M. Samman

Jad is a sophomore who is currently undecided on a major (but strongly allergic to all things STEM). He has always had a passion for language, and becoming fluent in French and Arabic is high up on his bucket list. When it comes to writing in English, his favorite genres are personal narrative and creative non-fiction, although he hopes that working at the Writing Center will help improve his compositions for all types of work. In his free time he enjoys binge watching dramatic reality competition shows, being a regular audience member at local drag bars, and creating disco and soul Spotify playlists. He’s eager to take on any prompt or project that you might have, so stop by the Writing Center and say hello!