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Writing Consultants

Shelby Newsom
Shelby A. Newsom

SHELBY NEWSOM is a senior English Writing major who is looking forward to working on writerly projects of all kinds in the Writing Center. She particularly loves working with creative writing and enjoys the sparks that fly during the brainstorming process. She studied abroad in Aberdeen, Scotland, where she learned the English way to talk and how to get away with never carrying an umbrella. An amateur poet and yogi from Denver, Colorado, she is a lover of words, coffee, and snowboarding; and if you're really cool she'll introduce you to her pet hedgehog, Pandora.

Brian Craig
Brian J. Craig

BRIAN CRAIG is an English major with a writing emphasis in journalism from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  He studied abroad in Ecuador, and grew an intimate knowledge for chifles (plantain chips) and fitting onto a bus that would otherwise be full.  In his free time, Brian likes to play tennis, watch sports (especially the Detroit Tigers) and eat ice cream.  He also loves to sing, whether in the shower, in the car, or in Premium Orange, K's mixed a cappella singing group.  He is the co-music director of that group and was a Peer Leader this fall.  Brian's favorite part of working at the Writing Center is helping writers who are in the brainstorming stage of their papers.  He is also a avid player of a game called "slack jaw," in which two or more players must sit in silence with slacked jaws.  Ask him about it.  It's awesome.

Elizabeth Lenning
Elizabeth A. Lenning

ELIZABETH LENNING is a sophomore here at K. She is a Biology major (ask her about lab reports...) and a Chinese minor. She wants to have a Women's Studies concentration but, since she wants to study abroad in China, she is not sure if that dream will come to fruition. You will see her around on campus a lot. She'll either be literally running around (she's on the cross country team), in the library (in addition to being a WC consultant, she works at the Circulation Desk), or in Dow (she is a Chemistry Supplemental Instruction leader). She is also involved in other things: a leader of Sisters in Science, a leader of Women, Food, and Bodies, and a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Feel free to ask her anything as she loves to talk! She plans to attend medical school and public health school (MD/MPH) so she is practicing living a busy life!! :) Additionally, she loves hiking, laughing, Cards Against Humanity, country music, and dancing (and parentheses). Stop in anytime to say hello!

Nora Harris
Nora J. Harris

NORA HARRIS is an English major with either a Psychology minor or double major. This is her first year as a writing consultant and she is excited to learn about students’ writing processes and help them develop their skills as writers! She is extremely passionate about literary analysis and loves to work with students at any stage of the writing process, especially with structural issues. In her spare time she enjoys snacking, baking, listening to music from all eras and genres, and watching a sinful amount of television.

Jenna Neumann
Jenna N. Neumann

JENNA NEUMANN is a Political Science major from Flint, MI.  She is minoring in Philosophy and Spanish, returning from spending six months in Cáceres, Spain.  Jenna enjoys working with critical analyses and research papers.  Outside of class, she enjoys leadership roles in the College Republicans and the Pre-Law Society and likes to spend her free time skiing and participating in sprint triathlons.  After graduating from K, Jenna will be going to law school, hoping to pursue a career in immigration/asylum law.  She is excited for the 2013-2014 year in the Writing Center!  Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Spencer Thompson
Spencer E. Thompson
Phone: 2693377492

SPENCER THOMPSON is a chemistry major from Traverse City, Michigan.  He studied abroad in Ecuador and in his free time loves watching movies, cooking, swimming, and playing piano or guitar.  Spencer enjoys reading and speaking Latin and Spanish, and is a member of the Facebook Latin translation team.  He also runs a YouTube channel, Spencer’s Painting of the Week, which focuses on art analysis and appreciation. He plans to attend medical school after graduating from K. Request Spencer for help on your next research paper, literary analysis, or lab report!

Mira Swearer
Mira A. Swearer

MIRA SWEARER is a French and International and Area Studies double major with a minor in Political Science from Northfield, MN.  Outside of classes, she runs on the Kalamazoo Cross Country team, tutors at the Goodwill Adult Literacy Program and gives campus tours for K-Crew.  In her free time, Mira loves to bake baguettes, read, knit and play with her dog.  She is excited to be a consultant this year and cannot wait to begin working with students at all phases of the writing process.

Emma Lozon
Emma M. Lozon

EMMA LOZON is an English and mathematics double major. She equally enjoys working with analytical and creative writing (especially, poetry). She looks forward to encountering papers from more unfamiliar disciplines. Aside from academics, her most impassioned interest is circus.

Umang Varma
Umang Varma

UMANG VARMA is a Mathematics major from Bangalore, India. He has frequently visited the Writing Center for papers and creative writing pieces and believes that the Writing Center has played in an important role in his development as a writer. Umang enjoys working on brainstorming and talking about language. He loves being involved on campus and has taken part in various student organizations, including MAP, Cirque du K, S3A, EnvOrg, and Student Commission. Outside classes and student organizations, Umang enjoys laughing, cooking Indian vegetarian food, laughing, spending time with friends, and laughing! He is excited to work with you at the Writing Center!

Chelsea Wallace
Chelsea A. Wallace

CHELSEA WALLACE is a senior international student from Jamaica and a Biology major. She is looking forward to working with students from a wide cross-section of disciplines and backgrounds at any stage of their writing process. Outside of school, she loves reading, writing, dancing and anything food related.

Aliera Morasch

ALIERA MORASCH is an International Area Studies and English double major with a minor in Spanish. She is very interested in learning about different traditions and cultures, so she’s very excited to meet new people and hear (or read!) what they have to say. She enjoys writing critical essays as well as poetry, but is always down for reading something completely new to her. She has a blast working on all types of assignments, especially looking at rough drafts and helping the student discover next steps. Aliera is also involved in theatre and is invested in bridging the gaps between different groups on campus. Outside the K-bubble, she always has a good time eating new foods, drinking coffee, traveling anywhere, looking at dinosaurs, calling her grandma, and staring at large bodies of water. She’s from Portland, OR, a super cool city in the Pacific Northwest and thinks everyone should go there—she promises you can stay with her.

Sarah Wallace
Sarah L. Wallace

SARAH WALLACE is from Hartland, MI and is a Psychology Major with a French and Political Science Minor. She does not know how a French minor will serve her in future years, but knows that living in France as a child has greatly influenced the development of her writing skills and she plans to keep it up, out of a sense of obligation to it. This is her first year as a writing consultant and she is very excited to work with students at various stages in their writing process. She is the Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Index, plays the clarinet and always finds time to work out. You will never find her without her addiction, chapstick.

Nisha Jagannathan
Nisha Jagannathan

NISHA JAGANNATHAN is a senior Psychology major from East Lansing, MI who recently returned to Kalamazoo after 9 months in Israel. She enjoys traveling, learning new languages, and eating hummus. She has a 4-year-old German Shepherd dog named Arjun (named after a hero from Indian mythology) and a beta fish named Doug (there is no particular explanation for this name). She specializes in working with English as a Second Language students, and has extensive experience teaching English in a variety of settings. She enjoys working with writing from many different disciplines, and she is happy to work with students in any and all stages of the writing process. Stop by and say hello, vanakkam, shalom, marhaba, or bonjour!