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Kalamazoo College

Writing Consultants

Carmen Torrado-Gonzalez
Carmen A. Torrado-Gonzalez

Carmen, a senior from Ithaca, New York, has been working at the Writing Center for two years. She believes that peer-to-peer collaboration makes for the best writing, and is excited to collaborate with you on any stage of your writing process! Majoring in English at Kalamazoo College has given Carmen a deep love and appreciation for writing, as well as a thourough understanding of the craft; from prose to poetry, analysis to creative expression and genre to genre, Carmen is able to help you build a healthy and long-lasting relationship with writing.

Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia
Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia

Guillermo is an international student from Madrid, Spain. This will be his third year at K and he is planning on majoring in philosophy and economics. Apparently they ask for a math minor in most graduate schools so he might do that if he isn’t too scared. Guillermo was born in Madrid but he then lived in Beijing, Bangkok, and Johannesburg. He also forms part of the Kalamazoo Men’s Tennis Team and is looking forward to win the conference again this year. Last summer, he worked at the Embassy of Spain in Washington D.C. where he had the chance to write letters to Obama and the King of Spain! Last but not least, Guillermo is very excited to work with you, particularly with philosophy material or any type of research papers as well as cover letters at any stage of the writing process.

Marlisa Pennington
Marlisa K. Pennington

Marlisa is a senior getting a math and physics double major. She is a third year returning writing center consultant (because she didn’t go on study abroad) who spent the summer working and traveling. She rings bells in the chapel and spends most of her time thinking about physics and is the math DSA. She does not take a lot of writing classes, which means she gets to enjoy the craft of writing vicariously through the students she helps.

WC Consultant
Mireya Guzman-Ortiz

Mireya is a senior from Oregon who spends their time doing things. Things such as making little mini-documentaries, thinking about avocados, working at the Arcus Center, trying to take decent pictures, freaking out about dogs, and doing M.E.Ch.A. and QTPOCC things. Mireya hopes to major in Critical Ethnic Studies, minor in German, and get a Media Studies concentration (in which they hope they could major in, too). Mireya enjoys talking to people at any stage in the writing process—from looking at a prompt for the first time, to the last minute (sometimes teary) rush to get a paper done that was due yesterday (please try not to do this one!!).

Amy Newday
Amy Newday
Phone: 269-337-7381

Amy Newday is a poet, farmer, professor, and the Director of the Kalamazoo College Writing Center. She’d love to talk with you about your writing or about techniques for hand-pollinating heirloom squash varieties. Make an appointment or drop in to see her during her Writing Center open hours.

WC Consultant
Jon R. Jerow

Jon is a senior at K, with a double major in Philosophy and English Creative Writing. As you can imagine, he spends most of his life buried in books, aided by the fact that he also works circulation for the library! His favorite books include The Alchemist, Ender's Game, and The Book of Flying, and his favorite locations include the top of a dune in Holland MI, and the end of a dock in Budapest, Hungary, where he studied abroad last year. You will see him routinely running around on the quad chasing a frisbee, as he is a part of the school ultimate team, or you might find him twenty feet in the air and tied in silk, when he's with the Cirque du K troupe. He's also mentioned how excited he is to be working in the Writing Center, and how geeked he is to be alive in general.

Rachel M. Williams

Rachel Williams is a senior majoring in English, with a minor in Anthropology and Sociology and a concentration in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies. She is co-Assistant Director at the Writing Center and the head of the fiction committee for The Cauldron. Last year, she studied abroad in Costa Rica, where she took classes in Developmental Studies, as well as designed and taught courses on English as a second language. Her favorite consultations are when she gets to work with students on short stories and other works of fiction, but she loves talking about all kinds of different projects. You’ll no doubt find her with her nose in a book.

Isabela M. Agosa

Isabela Agosa is a senior English major who greatly prefers to be called Bela. She is Co-Assistant Director here at the Writing Center as well as Co-Editor for The Cauldron, K’s literary magazine. Her one true love is story. She firmly believes that every writing assignment is storytelling, even the lab reports. She loves all consultations, but especially loves working with people in the prewriting phase, creative writing and first draft essays. She studied abroad in Hikone, Japan and fills the void left by yakitori by constantly talking about how much she misses yakitori. You will find her by the candy jack-o’-lantern.

WC Consultant
Ayla M. Hull

Ayla is a sophomore from upstate NY interested in the Public Policy and Urban Affairs concentration. Outside of the Writing Center, Ayla works as a Job Researcher for the CCPD, an editor for The Index, and participates in K's Model UN club. In high school, she spent a semester abroad in Bavaria, Germany studying at the local high school--an experience that strengthened her dream to pursue a career in the non-profit world involving traveling. In her free time, she likes to watch reruns of That '70s Show, go on adventures with friends, and occasionally even write.

WC Consultant
Angelica Rodriguez

Angelica is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California who is planning to double major in Biology and Critical Ethnic Studies. Some of her hobbies include drawing, listening to music and collecting penguin stuff. You can often find her in the library, trying to pet a squirrel, or getting ice cream. Angelica hopes you are not intimidated by her “below five feet” stature and come visit the Writing Center. She can help you with a wide variety of writing so don't hesitate to ask! Her goal for the future is to become a pediatrician and hopefully not blend in with her patients.

WC Consultant
Adam G. Edery
Adam is a sophomore from Huntington Woods, Michigan. He plans to double major in political science and anthropology/sociology, but he is interested in working with writers of all sorts. In his spare time, Adam loves traveling. Some of his favorite places are Vancouver (Canada), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), and Johannesburg (South Africa). Back in the U.S.A, you can find him at the ping pong table or the movie theatre (his favorite movies are The Shawshank Redemption and The Dark Knight). More importantly, though, he can't wait to tell you all about his dog Henry. Find him at the writing center and you'll be sure to learn much more!


WC Consultant
William L. Sheehan

Will is a senior from Birmingham, MI.  Will studies Philosophy, Spanish, and Critical Theory and plans to write his SIP in the Art History department.  He studied abroad in Cáceres, Spain and interned in Chicago this past summer. This hopeful romantic enjoys going to movies at the Alamo and ordering milkshakes to avoid the campus and his homework.  ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯ Come to him with help on job related writing or to casually look at pictures of pug puppies.

Na Young Kim

Na Young is a senior who is a traveler at heart. Born in Korea, raised in China, culturally American, and having just finished her thesis in Australia, she is under perpetual jet lag. Fittingly, her favorite hobbies are sleeping, napping, and curling up in her bed. As a trilingual (fluent in English, born with Korean, and conversant in Chinese), she enjoys jumping from one language to another to confuse her friends. Other than a traveler, she is a biology major, math minor, and the DSA for environmental studies concentration. Her main goal as a Writing Center Consultant is to help all those who walk through the door by combining all of her fields of expertise: traveler, biologist, nature lover, artist, trilingual. Other than permanently attached to the library at both the Writing Center and the Circulation Desk, she can be found hopping around campus wearing her big blue cat ear headphones, doodling away.