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Writing Consultants

Bela Agosa
Isabela M. Agosa
Bela Agosa is a sophomore English major from Grand Rapids, Michigan who currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She feels at home doing many things: laughing obnoxiously, geeking out about the symbolism on T.V shows, and taking naps. But she is definitely happiest when she is discussing client’s writing processes at all stages, but especially rough drafts, creative works, and critical analyzes. She enjoys discovering more and more reasons why writing is both the love of her life and the reason her hair will go grey before she graduates. You will find her next to the candy bowl.
Sara Babcock
Sara G. Babcock
Mireya Guzman-Ortiz
Mireya Guzman-Ortiz
Mireya is a sophomore from Oregon who spends their time doing things. Thing such as laying out (and sometimes writing for) The Index and Naked Magazine, working alongside the Arcus Center, thinking about avocados and oranges, and trying to decide what to major in. Mireya hopes to (maybe) major in International and Area Studies with a concentration in Latin America, minor in either Spanish or German, and if a Media Studies concentration fits, well, that’d be great. Mireya enjoys talking to people at any stage in the writing process - from looking at a prompt for the first time, to the last minute rush to get a paper in that was due yesterday. (Or maybe try not to do that last one much.)
Mariah Hennen
Mariah K. Hennen
Mariah Hennen is a Minnesota native and a senior studying Anthropology/Sociology and International and Area Studies with a concentration in Latin America. During her time at Kalamazoo College Mariah has gardened with local elementary school students, danced in the spring Frelon show, organized K students around food justice issues and played drums in the West Africa Drum Ensemble. Mariah studied abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico and returned over the summer to conduct SIP research on international educational partnerships. She is proficient in Spanish. While working with students on a variety of writing assignments, Mariah enjoys discussing potential thesis ideas, thinking through drafts and celebrating the final pieces. She is excited to get to know the students who enter the Writing Center and looks forward to writing with others!
Jane Huffman
Jane C. Huffman
Jane Huffman is a senior English and Theatre Arts double major and a Media Studies concentrator. Her writing specialty is in poetry, but she has experience in a variety of genres. As a part of her Study Away experience at the Newberry Library in Chicago, IL, she completed a substantial research paper on the history of printmaking. Alongside a handful of poetry and fiction publications in various literary magazines and anthologies, she has served as a selected playwright at the 2014 and 2015 Kalamazoo New Play Festivals. This year, she wetted her journalism chops at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and won a fellowship to the O'Neill Critics Institute, where she studied theatre criticism with some of the biggest names in the very small industry of theatre criticism. This year she is the co-editor-in-chief of The Cauldron, the college's literary and visual art magazine. She is excited to be a part of the learning commons as a writing center consultant and share her love for the English language.
Amanda Johnson
Amanda G. Johnson
Hunter Parsons
Hunter A. Parsons
Hunter is a senior English with writing emphasis major from Royal Oak, Michigan. She spent part of her junior year studying abroad in Aberdeen, Scotland. During the fall, she will be working on her SIP that discusses personal family dynamics through poetry. She is passionate about many things: mozzarella sticks, pop culture references, and making people laugh. She is almost always smiling and is always seeking ways to help her peers.
Marlisa Pennington
Marlisa K. Pennington
Phone: 2693377560
Hannah Shaughnessy-Mogill
Hannah M. Shaughnessy-Mogill
Hannah Shaughnessy-Mogill is from Lake Orion, Michigan and is a senior Anthropology/Sociology major, English minor with a concentration in American Studies. She many passions, specifically social justice activism, music and food! She studied abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is proficient in Spanish. Outside of class, she is a SMART Girls mentor, and studies voice in private lessons and choir, and enjoys knitting, making jewelry, cooking yummy food, holding babies, practicing yoga, drawing, writing/performing spoken word poetry, and going on walks in nature! She loves writing and is excited to work with you in the Writing Center!
Colin Smith
Colin S. Smith
Colin Smith is a senior who comes from Grand Rapids. He's co-leading The Index, and he often paces around the newsroom. During his junior year he studied abroad in Kenya where he wrote performance reviews for an arts magazine. He studies history and music, and he is the Student Advisor for the American Studies department. When he finds downtime, he writes music. Speak to him about music like Pavement or Beck to become his new best friend.
Jeffery Washington
Jeffery L. Washington
Caitlyn Whitcomb
Caitlyn M. Whitcomb
Rachel Williams
Rachel M. Williams
Rachel Williams is a sophomore from Farmington Hills, Michigan. Growing up, she either wanted to be a novelist or a ballerina-fairy-princess-superhero-pirate. Sadly, as she got older, she was forced to accept that one of those was not a viable option. Nowadays, she can be found alternately blowing her entire paycheck on books and bemoaning that her bookshelf is full of things she has yet to read. While she loves seeing all the different pieces of writing that students at K create, she is particularly excited to work with short fiction. She is thrilled to be working as a Writing Center Consultant for the first time and looks forward to spending the year meeting new people to talk to about writing.