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Kalamazoo College

Choosing Courses & Advising Questions

In Dean's List, John Bader encourages students to "approach the curriculum like a great feast" because "sometimes it only takes an unintentional elective, taken just for fun, to unleash a cascade to a rich experience."  As you choose courses, keep the following criteria in mind.  Strive for balance among the many options.  You should select courses:

  • in an intended or declared major, minor, or concentration
  • in subjects you haven't had a chance to explore
  • that complement each other (to explore connections)
  • that do not seem to complement each other (to discover connections)
  • that follow a personal interest

(The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011)

Many academic departments have suggested course sequences posted on departmental websites.

Follow the links below to questions to consider when choosing courses and designing your K-Plan.  Ask yourself these questions and discuss them with your advisor during Advising Days to help you gain both breadth and depth across the liberal arts and achieve the desired outcomes of your K education.