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Kalamazoo College

K-Plan Commonplace

K-Plan Commonplace, available to each student and the student’s advisor, includes a complete record of the student’s engagement in all features of a Kalamazoo College education – in and out of the classroom, on and off campus. 

So what?!  Here’s what!  K-Plan Commonplace is an invaluable resource for making sense out of what happens during college.  Students frequently use information displayed in their K-Plan Commonplace to recall components of their K education when

  • writing and revising a résumé
  • completing an application for study abroad or a K leadership position
  • applying to medical school or graduate school, and
  • preparing for interviews with potential employers. 

By referring to K-Plan Commonplace frequently, students, with help from their academic advisors, create a college education that is greater than the sum of its component parts.

Click below for information on how to access K-Plan Commonplace.