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Kalamazoo College


The Kalamazoo Curriculum

Kalamazoo College’s distinctive approach to liberal arts education, the K-Plan, has four components:

  • depth and breadth in the liberal arts and sciences
  • learning through experience
  • international engagement
  • Senior Individualized Project

Degree Requirements

A summary of the K degree requirements is listed below.  For complete information, please click on the Degree Requirements link above.

  • 3 Units – Shared Passages Seminars
    • First-Year Seminar
    • Sophomore Seminar
    • Senior Seminar
  • Up to 3 Units – Second Language 
    • Demonstrated proficiency through the Intermediate Level (103 or 201, depending on the language)
  • 1 or 2 Units – Senior Individualized Project
  • 8-12 Units – Major
  • 1 Unit – Physical Education (5 activities)
  • 36 Units – Minimum Required for Graduation, not including PE activities

In the Kalamazoo Curriculum, students achieve depth through a completion of a major and breadth through exploration across the liberal arts.