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Kalamazoo College

Minutes Archive

January 4th, 2012

  • Location: Hicks 110
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Present: 19
  • Secretary: Selinda Garcia

ASA Meeting

Week 1, Wednesday

Attendance: 19


v Ice breaker

v T-shirts

Ø  Design by Sunday or Monday night

Ø  Short Sleeve

Ø  Black

Ø  Silver print

Ø  Will get a quote after design is submitted

v Asia Fest

Ø  Acts check up

§  Thanh – doing film instead of a skit

·      Needs 10 people

·      Lee, Hong, Brenda, Shaquindra, Ismael, Sully

§  Vageesha – Fisherman dance

·      Needs 10-15

·      Erika, Neyra, Sana, Ine, Sarah, Thanh, Ismael, Hong, Hoang, Shaquindra, Jeric, Sully

Ø  Vincent Chin reenactment

§  Thoughts?

·      Pictures of prominent leaders

·      What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase Asia?

·      Name 6 Asian countries  

Ø  Lighting Forms

§  Need to be turned in by Saturday

Ø  Listserve

§  Who’s not getting emails?

·      Brenda Guzman

Ø  Tech Week Schedule

§  Write it down on your calendars!

§  Don’t worry, we don’t always go to midnight

§  We will try to have food

§  Schedule: 4th week

·       Monday – 10:30pm-12am

·      Tuesday – 9pm-12am

·      Wednesday – 7pm-12am (Dress rehearsal)

·      Thursday – 7pm-12am (Open Dress rehearsal)

·      Friday – SHOW DAY! 6pm-11pm

Ø  Reason Website

§  Has very useful info

§  Forms are on the site

§  Link will be sent with email

Ø  Bonding Ideas

§  Karaoke

Ø  Bake Sale

§  Thoughts for this quarter?

·      No

§  During Asia Fest set out a Donation Jar

Ø  MC’s: Lee and Sully

Ø  TFA Presentation

§  Rally on Saturday, Jan. 28th

§  East Lansing

§  Now more than ever

§  Talk to Hong if interested